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  • The difference between flat buckle and lock floor can be roughly understood from the literal. The installation of flat buckle floor is quite complicated. First, it can only displace in the horizontal direction, but also need to use sealant, and it will rise up after a long time. On the contrary, the installation of SPC ...
  • SPC floor is suitable for which scenes, can families use it? Many people pay more attention to this problem in detail. What scenarios can SPC flooring be used in? This requires us to know from many aspects, such as the environment, advantages and disadvantages, etc. today, enmansensspc flooring manufacturer will introdu...
  • SPC lock floor is a new type of floor product. In recent three or four years, the process has begun. Although the time is relatively short, more and more people are using it. SPC lock floor can be applied to various scenes, family floor, commercial floor, sports floor and so on. Why can SPC lock floor be applied to such...
  • Many people pay attention to whether the floor is waterproof first when they buy the floor. I believe many people will also pay attention to it. Today, enmanson WPC floor manufacturer will introduce to you whether the WPC floor is waterproof. Before we understand the waterproof problem of WPC floor, we should first unde...
  • Waterproof and moistureproof is always a big problem that can not be ignored in floor decoration. Many businesses claim that their own floor has waterproof function, such as PVC floor. Is it difficult? Is PVC plastic floor really waterproof? Lets take a look with enmanson SPC floor manufacturer! First, understand the co...
  • SPC floor is a kind of waterproof floor with zero formaldehyde. SPC floor is mainly made of calcium powder, which is composed of PUR Crystal Shield transparent layer, wear-resistant layer, color film layer, SPC polymer base material layer and soft and silent rebound layer. Its very popular in the home decoration market,...
  • WPC floor is a new type of material floor. There are many scenes of WPC floor. There are different ways of care for WPC floor in different environments. Today, enmanson floor net will take care of WPC floor in detail! WPC floor precautions: The wood can be bent by heating it. And plastic wood can be bent to a certain ex...
  • Floor maintenance is something that many people need to consider before installing the floor. The floor is different from the ceramic tile, so there are many differences in maintenance and use. Before, the maintenance of wooden floor needs a lot of time and money. With the continuous development of science and technolog...
  • At present, there are more and more people using PVC floor, and the maintenance demand for PVC floor is growing. PVC floor is easier to care in appearance, so it can be easily cared in daily life, making its life longer. How should we do in the process of daily care? Today, enmanson PVC floor manufacturers to introduce ...
  • SPC floor is easy to clean, stain is not easy to remain, and wear resistance, is not required regular maintenance. If you cherish the floor very much, you can also maintain it occasionally, but the maintenance frequency of SPC floor is far lower than other floors. For the maintenance of SPC floor, enmanson SPC floor man...

Phone: 400-123-4567


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Beijing Enmansen PVC Locking Flooring Suppliers is a large-scale flooring manufacturer integrating production, design, logistics and service. The company is located in the national capital - Beijing, the superior human environment, the unique geographical location, the transportation network extending in all directions, the companys business philosophy, product quality, sales network throughout the country. Beijing Enmansen Flooring Suppliers introduces imported German imported equipment, strictly abides by the international PVC floor production process ...

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