A reliable floor supplier tells you how to choose a floor

The market is full of destination board products, so you can't choose the floor. Today, the Enmansen SPC lock floor supplier talks with you, how to choose the right floor, how can you not be deceived, following the Enmansen floor supply Let's get to know it together!
First, the steps to buy wooden flooring
When consumers decide to use wood flooring as a floor covering, they must follow the steps below to purchase:
1. Before you buy, you must first know the level, orientation, and area of ​​your home. It is best to draw a plan for the overall planning, assign the use function of each room, and then choose the floor according to local conditions. Generally speaking, young people work because of work. It is relatively busy, so it is impossible to completely agree with the requirements of the elderly and children. It is best to discuss the consensus of the whole family and determine the direction of the floor. It is also necessary to consider the performance of the floor. It is still for a long time. Will it be laid during the construction? In the operation and destruction of the surrounding buildings; finally consider their own economic capacity, budget renovation costs.
2. The types of wood flooring mainly include: solid wood flooring, laminate flooring, solid wood composite flooring, bamboo flooring, etc. The realization needs to know which kind of floor to choose, and then there is a goal to focus on the selection decision.
3. After the type is determined, the tree species, color, grade, price, and specifications must be further determined.
4. At present, the manufacturers and brands of wood flooring on the market are dazzling and dazzling. Three products are everywhere. Therefore, it is necessary to know the brand and credibility of the floor when purchasing. Try to buy well-known brand flooring.
5. Through the investigation and research of the above steps, the type of the floor, the color, the grade specification and the price level have been well-informed, that is, the direction of the purchase is determined and the payment is prepared. It must be further clarified before purchase: 1 the quality of the floor; 2 the method of laying; 3 the promise of warranty.
6. The supplier will collect the money according to the receipt of the payment, and the two parties will identify the contract and make the first gentleman. In principle, whoever buys the floor will be laid, so don't look for someone to lay it yourself, so as to avoid the quality problems and push each other's responsibility, so that consumers will suffer unnecessary losses.
7. Before the floor is laid, the floor is sent to the construction site by the manufacturer. The consumer should promptly check whether the quantity, quality, specifications, colors, grades, etc. of the floor and accessories are consistent with the purchase requirements, and must not be vague and ambiguous. There are counts in the front.
8. After the number and quality of the floor are approved, determine the laying process and ground treatment requirements.
9. Try to supervise on site, that is, the process of laying, guiding, and accepting.
10. After the decoration is completed, the final acceptance and approval will be carried out, and the settlement of the project will be repaid. And ask for the after-sales service card.
11. Pay attention to the maintenance of the floor. After the floor is laid, it should be maintained for at least 24 hours to make it cemented and solidified, so as to avoid the floor and affect the service life.
Second, purchase skills
Floor selection can pay attention to the following points when selecting:
1. It should be purchased in the regular company and its subordinate stores, shopping mall showrooms and building materials supermarkets. Regular companies are guaranteed to serve. Don't be greedy and cheap, buy it at the so-called brick-and-mortar vendors, so as to avoid the problems of construction and maintenance, and the troubles are endless. Ask the other party to issue an official invoice.
2. For imported products, the supplier shall provide the latest customs declaration form to ensure that the products are purely imported. In addition, according to relevant national laws and regulations: Imported products should provide quality inspection reports of relevant domestic authorities to ensure product quality.
3, to choose the product performance price is better, that is, the same quality than the price, the same price than the quality performance.
4, according to personal hobbies, living environment (such as light, etc.) to select the color of the multi-layer solid wood floor, in general, the lighting conditions are almost optional light color, like the strong personality of the optional color is a little deeper.
5, select the multi-layer solid wood floor to choose a better surface wear resistance. At present, the surface coating of clay paint is the best on the market, which can be tested by hand touching whether the surface is smooth and satin, and the fingernail is lightly stroked and generally has no trace.
6, to choose a low formaldehyde content of the product. Because it is related to health and safety.
Third, simple detection skills
1. How to check the formaldehyde content of the laminate floor with a simple method?
Open the moisture-proof layer to expose the substrate, and the nose smells irritating, and the formaldehyde content must exceed the standard.
Formaldehyde is a colorless and easily soluble irritant, exceeding the national standard of 1.5mg / L, mild throat discomfort, chest tightness, asthma, severe respiratory diseases or emphysema, pregnancy syndrome, nerve and lung immunity are poisoned Especially for children and the elderly, the damage is even more serious.
2. How to use a simple method to check whether the laminate flooring is good or bad?
A good substrate should be a high-density wood fiberboard with a density between 0.83 and 0.95g/cm2 for good stability. The visual observation should be pure color, soft and moderate, and no odor.
3. How to use the simple test to strengthen the floor moisture barrier?
A good moisture barrier prevents the floor from deforming, warping, and achieving good moisture, heat, and sound insulation. The comparison with the naked eye should be done with fine workmanship, solid texture and pure color.
4. How to use a simple method to check whether the laminate floor decoration layer is good or bad?
Imported premium decorative layer is waterproof, moisture-proof, UV-proof, non-fading, anti-static, and the color pattern is natural and realistic. Observing and comparing with the naked eye, it should be pure color, positive color, clear wood grain, realistic and natural, generous and solid wood.
5, identify the advantages and disadvantages of the floor to "ten look"
A look at whether it is a specialty store sales. Is there a power of attorney, whether there is an international quality certificate and a certificate of China's environmental labeling products, and an authority certificate issued by the state functional department; is there an inspection report (some commissioned inspection reports are not true, depending on the supervision inspection or daily inspection inspection report), Original. Since there is no, it may be a low quality floor.
Second, look at the product information and atlas. Those words that are rough in printing, succinct in content, arguably wearable, and so on are misleading propaganda, which is caused by non-standard manufacturers.
Third, whether the manufacturer or the marketing organization has a standardized retail price, whether it is a random price product, if this is the case, it is impossible to be the brand floor.
Four look at the floor surface pattern. Floors with blurred texture, irregular color, unnatural, and poor solid wood are not resistant to UV rays and are easily faded. These floors are undoubtedly low quality products.
Five look at the core material. Those core materials are rough, the color is dark, the formaldehyde content exceeds the national superior product standard, and the comprehensive floor index is mostly unqualified, which is a poor product.
Six look at the degree of polishing. Use woodworking sandpaper to apply force to polish the surface of the floor a few times. The low-quality counterfeit products have white marks and are lower than the national standard.
Seven look at the stitching effect. Draw a pack of flooring and stagger the three pieces. The problem of height difference and triangular seams and the edges are not straight, and such a floor is a poor product.
Eight look at the bottom of the floor. Those whose colors are inconsistent, the texture is rough, the floor without the brand name and production time, the deformation is large, the moisture is poor, and it is a low-grade product.
Nine look at the import board to see customs orders and commodity inspection orders and certificates of origin. The original imported floor has a place of origin, specifications, name, date on the list, and the relevant content of the Chinese translation on the package. More importantly, look at whether the number on the import list is tens of thousands of square meters or more. Less than tens of thousands of square meters may have imported a little original floor, but a large number of sold floors belong to the sheep head selling dog meat, which is self-produced or OEM. The product.
Ten look at the warranty card and sales receipt. All regular manufacturers have standard receipts, and the actual manufacturer address and telephone number on the package and product information. There is no real address and phone number on the inferior floor box and product information, or no address or phone at all.
Four or five kinds of laminate flooring can not be bought:
Weird taste board: formaldehyde is seriously exceeded. The adhesive substrate used for high-quality laminate flooring is melamine, and the price of the "strange board" substrate adhesive urethane is only 1/7 of the price of melamine. Due to the low production process technology and poor base material, the harmful substances such as formaldehyde volatilized by the products are seriously exceeding the national limit.
Short life plate: The wear layer is not wear resistant. The short-lived board is short-lived because the floor surface is made of cheap decorative plain paper, and the wear resistance is extremely low. The wear-resistant layer of high-quality laminate flooring is aluminum oxide, and the cost accounts for 20%-30% of the total cost of wood flooring. If the wear-free layer is not added or the weight of the wear-resistant paper is not enough, it will become the reason for the short-lived floor.
Crisp core board: The substrate density is small. The “Crisp Core Board” is also used to reduce the cost, and uses a medium density board with a lower density, a particle board, etc. as a material for producing a laminate flooring. The laminate flooring should be made of a special high-density board, and its water absorption rate and expansion rate should be strictly controlled. The substrate used for "Crisp Core Board" is 1/2 to 1/3 cheaper than the substrate used by regular manufacturers.
Workshop board: low process level. Laminate flooring requires large-scale production and has a high technical content. Some well-known brand processing plants can produce tens of thousands of square meters a day. The production scale and technological level of some small-scale small-scale processing factories cannot meet the relevant standards set by the state. The floor cutting tools selected by the manufacturers who regularly produce laminate flooring are diamond cutters with precision up to the micron level and are regularly replaced. The cost of the tool is only 2 yuan / square meter - 3 yuan / square meter. The workshop board is made of ordinary woodworking knives, and the cutting precision is not up to the requirements, resulting in gaps in the board and poor installation and fitting.
Li Ghost: Counterfeit imitation brand name, "Li Geng board" is the main means of impersonation, plagiarism, imitation, and whitewashing identity. They use ordinary consumers to lack professional discriminating ability, deceive and harm consumers, and profit from it, disrupting the normal order of the market.
Countermeasures: buy the brand floor invoices in the formal market, experts suggest that the floor should be purchased in the formal building materials market, it is best to choose a brand-name product with high reputation and quality assurance system certification. When purchasing, you should see the product manual or test report, and ask for an invoice after purchase. In this way, once the product has quality problems, the claim can be filed according to the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law.

Five, the floor waxing should be careful
According to reports, an explosion occurred in a household in Hong Kong. The reason for the explosion was that the family closed the doors and windows when they were playing crystal wax on the floor. Two renovation workers smoked indoors. The crystal wax contained a kind of name called Watson. A dry coagulant that detonates immediately in the event of an open flame. The occurrence of such an explosion is not accidental. The floor wax is semi-liquid before use. It is a flammable and explosive dangerous product. During the waxing process, the volatiles evaporate and become solids attached to the floor. . It should be said that after the floor wax is dry, there is no problem of flammability, but in the case of operation or not completely dry, it is easy to accident, and the volatile matter in the air reaches a certain concentration and can be burned when exposed to an open flame, but if Air circulation, low concentration, can not burn. Where the floor wax is used, the doors and windows should be open and kept well ventilated. In addition, we must pay attention to the following two points: Every time you finish the wax, you have to do it for 12 to 48 hours. You can play the floor wax according to the decoration grade. You can play it twice, and the people who pay attention to it will play three or four times, no matter how many times the wax is played. Avoid volatile substances stored between the wax layers, and slowly evaporate in the future, burying hidden dangers. Usually, after opening the floor wax, the door opening and closing should be at least 48 hours. Various floor waxes have different operational requirements. The interval between the evaporation is short, and the interval between the evaporation is slow. It is necessary to operate the floor wax. Smoking is not allowed during operation. Waxing to find a professional team, before the operation, the management personnel must pay the operator. The operator is not allowed to smoke. The idle personnel should be evacuated. If the floor wax is not used up after opening the barrel, it must be sealed tightly to prevent evaporation. The volatile substances contained in the floor wax are basically pine perfume, benzene oil, gasoline, etc., which are not only flammable but also toxic to the human body. . A few years ago, when people chose flooring materials for their homes, they turned their attention to ceramic tiles, vitrified tiles, stone plates and other materials. Nowadays, the floor has become the protagonist of the ground, and the position occupied in the home decoration is more and more important. The quality of the home improvement is also great. At present, there are mainly five kinds of wood flooring for the consumers to choose from in the building materials market. These five kinds of flooring have their own characteristics and each has its own characteristics. After comparison, there is a suitable one for you. Solid wood flooring - winning with "environmental protection, nature" As the name suggests, solid wood flooring is the ground decoration material formed by drying and processing wood. It basically maintains the natural pattern of raw materials, and the foot feels comfortable and safe to use is its main feature. Solid wood flooring is made of natural trees, so "environmental protection" is a major feature. Today, wood flooring is mainly used for home decoration, and it is common in the bedroom, living room, study room, etc. The materials of solid wood flooring are taken from many species, so the price varies greatly. The precious ones are rosewood and teak. The more common ones are maple, eucalyptus and ash, and the cheap ones are fir and pine. At present, the types of solid wood flooring in the decorative materials market are mainly based on the tongue-and-groove floor, flat floor, parquet floor, vertical wood floor, etc. are not favored by consumers, and the market share is not much. The price is generally between 100 and 400 yuan per square meter, and the price is nearly 1,000 yuan. Therefore, some insiders said that the price factor is an important reason for restricting the sales of solid wood flooring, and only consumers with better economic conditions will use it. There is no perfect thing in the world, so is the solid wood floor. Its biggest drawback is that it is easily deformed, which also becomes an obstacle to purchase. Composite wood flooring - the pragmatist's favorite composite wood flooring, also known as laminate flooring, is made of hard fiberboard, medium density fiberboard based impregnated paper film overlay, and the surface is coated with melamine and Abrasion resistant materials such as aluminum oxide. The original wood flooring based on particleboard has gradually been eliminated by the market.
Solid wood composite floor - environmentally friendly natural + practical stable solid wood composite floor is divided into three layers of solid wood composite flooring, multi-layer solid wood composite flooring, new solid wood composite flooring, because it is made of intertwined laminated sheets of different tree species, thus overcoming The shortcomings of one-way homogeneity of solid wood flooring, the shrinkage and shrinkage rate are small, have good dimensional stability, and retain the natural wood grain and comfortable foot feeling of solid wood flooring. Solid wood composite flooring has the aesthetics of solid wood flooring and the stability of laminate flooring, and has a new environmentally friendly advantages. The new solid wood composite flooring with high cost performance should be the development trend of the wood flooring industry. A floor dealer said that the solid wood composite floor solves the defect that the solid wood floor is easy to deform and not wearable, and the foot feels particularly comfortable, so that the consumer can enjoy the warmth of nature and solve the shortcomings of difficult maintenance of the solid wood floor. The crystallization of the strength of laminate flooring and solid wood flooring. Cork flooring – expensive enjoyment The raw material for cork products is the bark of oak trees that grow on the Mediterranean coast. The most familiar cork products are the cork of wine bottles and the head of badminton. Its main characteristics are light weight, large buoyancy, strong stretchability, flexibility, pressure resistance, impermeability, moisture and corrosion resistance, poor conductivity, thermal insulation, strong insulation, friction resistance, non-flammability, delay of fire spread, no allergies. reaction. Another big use of cork is to make