Advantages of vinyl wood and tile flooring

  1. price

  Vinyl template is a new type of floor material. Its main feature is that the price is suitable, which is much cheaper than solid wood floor. At the same price, you can find very good vinyl floor, and at the same price, you can buy a lot of vinyl board or vinyl tile floor.

  The price of vinyl floor is about 3-10 US dollars. The price change is mainly related to the thickness of wear-resistant layer and raw materials. If the wear resistance is not very high, you can choose vinyl with relatively low price, including size, color and other options.

  2. style

  There are many styles of vinyl design, and there are many choices, such as solid wood style, marble style, floor of various colors, and floor of various styles. Each vinyl base board has a unique appearance.

  3. Easy to install

  You don't need to be a carpenter to install a new vinyl floor. If you've worked on home improvement projects in the past, it should be easy. Vinyl tiles are usually glued, and most boards are pre fitted with clicks and locks: the lock mechanism clicks into place like a jigsaw puzzle.

  4. Versatility

  Unlike wood, vinyl flooring is safe in wet areas. Vinyl is waterproof (like linoleum - see our comparison of vinyl wood and linoleum) - making it ideal for bathroom and kitchen floors.

  5. durability

  This area is a close relative of vinyl flooring and laminates, especially for: busy families. It is not easy to scratch. If your toddler walks in the snow, don't worry. Your floor will continue to exist.

  6. comfort

  Vinyl is a soft foot. When walking, the floor absorbs pressure. Like a sponge, it's almost elastic.

  Vinyl floor has a lot of advantages, so it is loved by many people. It can meet all kinds of family environment, business page environment, and is suitable for bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms.

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