All the information you want to know about SPC flooring!

SPC floor is a kind of vinyl floor, which represents stone plastic composite vinyl floor. SPC flooring is also known as engineered luxury vinyl, which contains limestone and stabilizers to form a very durable core. When used at home, this provides a solid foundation for it.

The best SPC flooring is 100% waterproof, with a stable, dent resistant and vinyl resistant construction. We have many types of vinyl flooring, SPC flooring is one of them. This floor is named one of the best because of its luxurious appearance. It is beautiful and easy to maintain in many ways.

Some popular SPC flooring brands include the ultimate flooring, which includes crystal, hand scraped and other series. SPC flooring manufacturers produce SPC products in a layer format; you can see beautiful surfaces, solid interior structures and linings. The SPC floor structure has the following types of layers;

Wear resistant layer: This is a transparent layer on the top of the floor. It makes the floor stain and scratch resistant, making it easy to clean.

Vinyl base: this layer is decorated on it. The pattern and color are printed on the layer.

SPC layer: this layer of floor is made of limestone and stabilizer. It is to give the floor rigidity and stability, but also make the floor waterproof layer.

Additional lining: not all SPC floors come with additional lining. However, if you attach them to the floor, it helps to increase the softness of the floor and reduce the sound.

Advantages and disadvantages of SPC floor

SPC floor is becoming a good choice for home floor. Installing the floor will bring the following benefits to the user:


Waterproof: This is one of the biggest advantages of installing SPC floor. Unlike other types of hardwood, they can be used in places such as bathrooms and kitchens. All of them have waterproof cores.

Easy to maintain: they are very durable and resistant to stains, wear and scratches. For maintenance, regular cleaning and vacuuming can be carried out. They can also withstand direct sunlight.

Affordable and easy to install: they are more expensive than standard vinyl base boards, but cheaper than other types of luxury flooring such as hardwood and stone. In addition, SPC flooring is very easy to install. They can also be used on other types of floors or existing floors.


Due to the benefits of SPC flooring for homeowners, it seems to be the best choice. However, it is recommended that you consider the following disadvantages before deciding to use them:

It's not really valuable to your house. It will only make the floor look stylish, unlike hardwood and other high-end flooring, which can add value to your home.

SPC flooring is less environmentally friendly than other flooring made of renewable materials such as hardwood and bamboo.

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