Can the bathroom use the floor? It is recommended to use SPC waterproof lock floor

  Because the water vapor in the shower room is relatively large, and usually comes in and out of the bathroom, the selection of ground materials should not only be moisture-proof but also anti-skid. Can the floor be used in this case? What type of flooring is recommended? Here for you to introduce a floor product, SPC floor, why SPC waterproof lock floor can be used in the shower room.

  SPC floor can be pasted in the shower room, because the wear-resistant layer on the surface of SPC waterproof floor has a unique ground anti-skid property, and compared with the general floor material, SPC waterproof floor will be more astringent and less prone to slide when encountering water, that is, the more astringent it is after encountering water, all of them can be used after being used in the bathroom. Therefore, in the public places with high information security regulations, such as airports, hospital clinics, kindergartens, colleges and universities, etc., it is the preferred pavement building decoration materials, which has been widely used in China in recent years.

  In addition, moisture-proof is a must to do, in addition, although the SPC waterproof floor itself is moisture-proof, the SPC way of floor installation is through the lock to install, no adhesive will be used, and the SPC waterproof floor raw materials for the particularity, also has long been the SPC waterproof floor for the moisture-proof performance, when encountering water, the water stains will not penetrate the bottom layer, will not completely soak in the SPC waterproof floor, so not It will cause the SPC floor to soak and deform.

  When choosing the waterproof floor in the bathroom, we should also pay attention to the service life of the floor. Generally, there will be some losses after using the floor for several years, and special maintenance and cleaning are also needed at ordinary times. However, the service life of SPC waterproof floor is generally 25-20 years, so we don't need to worry about it at all. Moreover, if we change the lock floor halfway, it is also very convenient, and it won't cause unnecessary etc Waste.

  When choosing SPC waterproof floor in the bathroom, we should also pay attention to the quality of the floor, so as to avoid the unnecessary loss caused by the purchase of substandard products.

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