Can the kitchen use wood floor? SPC floor is recommended for kitchen floor!

  Food is the most important thing for people. Kitchen plays an important role in family life. A clean and tidy kitchen will bring good enjoyment to every family, especially the popular open kitchen, which has both function and beauty. However, because the kitchen floor is often covered with oil stains and there is a lot of stagnant water, most people think that only ceramic tiles can be used in the kitchen, but the first is that the overall decoration style does not agree with the unity, the second is that ceramic tiles are easy to slip, and the effect is not as good as using wood flooring directly, but can the kitchen use wood flooring? Let's take a look.

  I. advantages of using SPC wood floor in kitchen

  Abandon the traditional floor tile, choose the wood floor as the kitchen floor material, it must have its advantages to attract consumers. Let's take a look at the advantages of SPC flooring in the kitchen.

  1. Good floor feel

  As we all know, wood floor is loved by consumers because of its good foot feel. It is widely used in the decoration of living room and bedroom. The open kitchen is connected with the living room dining room. Laying wood floor makes people's feet more comfortable in the kitchen.

  2. Floor anti slip is better

  Compared with ceramic tile, the floor's antiskid is more superior. It's because the floor is wetted by water carelessly that the antiskid of the floor is better than the ceramic tile. Moreover, the floor is milder than the ceramic tile material, and the accidental falling can reduce the collision damage.

  3. More unified home style

  More and more families choose the form of open kitchen. At this time, if the floor of living room and kitchen choose different materials, the unity of the whole space will be greatly reduced.

  II. Selection of kitchen wood floor

  Although the floor has many advantages when used in the kitchen, it is undeniable that the floor is a sensitive material, which is not suitable for damp, lampblack and other environments, and it is not very clean once it is dirty. If you want to customize the floor for the kitchen, you must start with the material selection.

  1, eye view

  The floor with low density is easy to be damaged by moisture and moisture, so when you buy the floor, you should first observe its appearance and see the density of the board. The density of the whole floor can also be calculated by a simple method according to the formula of density = mass / volume. Generally speaking, the density of low density board is less than 450 kg / m3, the density of medium density board is 450 kg-600 kg / m3, and the density of high density board is 600 kg-900 kg / m3.

  2. Nose smell

  The wood floor should pay attention to environmental protection. The wood floor with good quality generally has a relatively fresh and natural taste, which will not stimulate. Low price and poor quality floor is the opposite. As long as you use your nose to smell, you will have a strange smell and smoke your nose, which makes people uncomfortable. Using this product will have a negative impact on health.

  3. Dripping water

  Water dripping is to test the water absorption of the floor, take 1-2 pieces of floor randomly, drop a few drops of clear water on the front and back of the floor, after a certain period of water absorption, floating water drops will be formed on the decorative layer and will not be absorbed, and there is no obvious water absorption expansion phenomenon on the side of the wood floor, which proves that the water absorption of the floor meets the requirements.

  4. Test cracks

  Put several pieces of floor together to see if there is a height difference. If there is a significant drop, it proves that the floor has a situation of hot expansion and cold contraction, such a floor is not suitable for high-temperature kitchen.

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