Can we decorate the kitchen with wooden floor?

  For the decoration of the kitchen floor, it is necessary to consider both aesthetics and practicality.

  In terms of aesthetics, wood floor and ceramic tile are the same, which can be decorated very beautifully. In terms of practicality, ceramic tile is better, not afraid of water, not afraid of oil pollution, easy to clean, and cheap.

  First of all, we need to understand:

  Wood floor is most afraid of humidity and high temperature, and it will be deformed and arched in case of humidity and high temperature

  Any wood floor is afraid of humidity and high temperature. Although the wood floor is beautiful and generous, it has certain requirements for temperature and humidity. Especially, the kitchen often cooks and cooks dishes. If the temperature is not a little high, it is easy to cause the wood floor to deform, arch and crack.

  There are gaps in the wood floor itself, but it's not very obvious, but the kitchen oil stain is seamless, even if there is only one gap can be stained, I can't imagine what it will look like if the wood floor is covered with oil stain.

  I believe there are wooden floors installed in the kitchen, but I can be sure that those who install wooden floors in the kitchen spend very little time cooking and cooking at home. They may only do one or two times a year. If so, they can certainly install wooden floors.

  If your kitchen wants to use wood floor, let's talk about the advantages and disadvantages of wood floor and the problems that should be paid attention to.

  Wooden floor

  Advantages: texture, more comfortable feet, wood floor and living room connectivity, strong overall sense, show personality.

  Disadvantages: wood floor is easy to be damp and hard to clean.

  In fact, these are the two shortcomings. How can we avoid them?

  1. Composite laminate floor is not selected. This kind of wood floor is pressed by sawdust, and its service life is very short in humid environment. Composite solid wood floor is pressed by several layers of wood, and its moisture-proof effect is better. It is better to use solid wood floor with low water absorption.

  2. Main cleaning and maintenance: clean the greasy dirt on the ground every day, clean the water on the ground in time, keep it dry as much as possible, clean the greasy dirt, avoid the garbage in the gap of the floor to produce peculiar smell, and the rot will affect the wood floor.

  3. Put the floor mat beside the cabinet. It is easy to drip when washing dishes and cooking. The floor mat can avoid most of the water and oil.

  It is recommended that SPC floor, which is a new environmental protection floor in recent years, has the advantages of water-proof and moisture-proof. SPC floor has the advantages of water-proof, moisture-proof and mildew proof, and solves the disadvantages of traditional wood floor, which is water-proof and moisture-proof. Therefore, SPC floor can be paved in toilets, kitchens and balconies.

  One is anti-skid, SPC floor has good anti-skid performance, and there is no need to worry about the floor falling when it is slippery with water


  According to the actual situation, if you only cook at home once or twice a year, the kitchen can be equipped with wooden floor. If you cook and fry at home every day, it is suggested that you stick the floor tiles in the kitchen, which is convenient and convenient.

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