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SPC flooring supplier: Dali SPC flooring manufacturer

Author:EnManSen     Time:2019-11-12 15:14

  Since its establishment, Suzhou dalilong building materials Co., Ltd. has been committed to the introduction and promotion of new environmental protection building materials. During its operation for many years, the company has always adhered to the tenet of "integrity, cooperation, quality-oriented, quality service" to serve new and old customers.

SPC flooring supplier: Dali SPC flooring manufacturer_www.spcfloorsupplier.com

  The company has perfect detection means, construction team and after-sales service. Excellent product quality and high-quality and efficient service for us to win a broad market, PVC floor products marketing all over the country, in the market enjoys a high reputation.

  1. Our SPC floor products have super wear resistance and impact resistance;

  2. Antibacterial property, after surface antibacterial treatment;

  3. Easy to clean, UV treatment on the surface, with antifouling performance;

  4. No noise, less noise compared with solid wood floor;

  5. Dampproof and heat resistance. The rubber floor has beautiful and generous pattern, excellent skid resistance, shock absorption and wear resistance, good stability, and resistance to cigarette burns, especially suitable for places with large traffic flow: education, office, business, entertainment, leisure airport, fitness, industrial theater, etc.

  The main products are: SPC floor, PVC plastic floor, PVC floor, suspended floor, sports floor, PVC stone plastic floor, solid wood floor, composite floor.

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