Concrete vs. luxury vinyl flooring

  For commercial and residential indoor environment, the appearance of concrete floor is a growing trend. Its popularity in the whole design field is not only due to the diversity of patterns and color choices provided by concrete, but also because of the smooth and clean aesthetic feeling it creates in the space.

  Although the concrete floor itself is a reliable choice for flooring, interior designers always rely on luxurious vinyl base plates to provide a popular concrete appearance. The installation of luxury vinyl floor on concrete is not only simple and seamless, but also the vinyl base plate itself is easier to maintain, and provides a wide range of design options, which are bound to adapt to any interior design method.

  There's no doubt that concrete and luxury vinyl tiles are different. However, in order to really understand the comparison between vinyl flooring and concrete flooring, it's helpful to look at the following quantifiable qualities: appearance and style, durability and stability, application, cost and comfort.

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  Appearance and style

  When it comes to design integrity, two flooring solutions begin to compare vinyl with concrete.

  Throughout the retail and hospitality industry, concrete has become a popular material and design appearance for floor and wall spaces, often used to add a more industrial look to the space. However, although the appearance of concrete is highly sought after, the style options it offers may be limited. The reasons are as follows:

  Concrete can be dyed or dyed to match almost any color, and if necessary, texture patterns can be applied to the concrete as it sets. Using these techniques, you can achieve a different stone like appearance, or polish the concrete for a smooth appearance. The different colors and textures produced by concrete can even inspire the design of luxury vinyl tiles, but for concrete, the chosen design is more durable. Once a stain is applied, it is permanent - so choosing the right look for eternity is the key.

  In addition, when dyeing an old concrete floor, the floor may not be able to accept the stain due to the previously applied sealant, and even the current traces or stains may not be able to absorb new stains. In order to obtain the correct dyeing effect, the use of new concrete should be considered.

  In terms of design, the luxury vinyl base plate is more flexible than concrete. Vinyl is infinitely customizable and designed to give you the versatility you need to complete any interior design project. Vinyl can also replicate the look and style of natural materials, such as dyed concrete or stone and wood designs.

  Concrete floor industrial / fashion look

  Multiple design options (Polish / dye), but permanent

  Current design trends for hotels / retail, but not for healthcare and other industries

  Vinyl flooring can duplicate the appearance and style of concrete

  Unlimited customization and design for most business sectors

  Durability and stability

  Before discussing the durability and stability of concrete and vinyl flooring, we should define some terms because they look similar:

  Durability: the hardness of the floor, especially the wear-resistant layer of the top layer. The more durable the floor solution, the more it can withstand.

  Stability: depends on the overall thickness and / or layer composition and the quality of the material. Stable flooring materials maintain their shape and size to resist moisture and / or climate change.

  This is where the concrete floor becomes more interesting compared to vinyl. In terms of durability, concrete can last for a long time. In fact, concrete is probably the most durable and sustainable flooring product available today. However, although its durable quality is hard to beat, its durability has shocked interior design professionals and their customers. For example, as trends change, retail and hotel companies change the interior design of their spaces every few years.

  In addition, selecting stained or polished concrete requires careful preparation of the floor. No stains and polishes will be used to cover up the defects, so any debris that may remain will leak out. For the old concrete, no new stain is allowed to penetrate, so as to prevent the absorption of the stain. In addition, to provide a protective layer for the surface, it will be necessary to seal the concrete regularly according to the traffic volume.

  However, luxury vinyl is different for two reasons, especially the flower bed premium vinyl. Although concrete and vinyl are similar in terms of cleaning requirements (simple wet mops and cleaners), vinyl is made from a hard, closed cell vinyl material that makes the floor more waterproof and ideal for areas with high humidity when using a proper adhesive. If not properly sealed, the concrete is susceptible to moisture. If moisture or liquid does enter the pores, it may stay in the pores and cause mildew or mildew. Similarly, if the moisture freezes, it can cause cracking.

  Most luxury vinyl already has a wear-resistant layer with polyurethane finish for easy maintenance and resistance to contamination and scratches.

  Concrete floor durable

  Requires careful, extensive preparation

  High flow area is susceptible to sealant wear

  Vinyl flooring is more water resistant and ideal for high humidity areas

  No sealant required


  The cost structure of concrete involves many factors, but as far as the most basic concrete appearance is concerned, it is comparable to vinyl. A more refined look or a complete touch up of the floor can result in more labor costs and downtime.

  Concrete - depending on appearance and complexity, the cost of concrete is between $2 and $6 per square foot, while the maximum cost per square foot is between $15 and $30 for finer decoration. The price also depends on the presence of concrete slabs and how much preparation is required to dye or polish the concrete.

  Premium Vinyl - the commercial grade material price for vinyl is $2 to $5 per square foot, excluding installation costs.

  At the end of the day, luxury vinyl will win, given its flexibility in design and application. Although comparable in cost to concrete, vinyl has a higher long-term value, especially in terms of comfort.

  In addition to the concrete floor which must be laid, the price consideration shall also take into account the cost of preparatory work, the cost of dyeing and / or polishing of materials and labor.

  Vinyl base plates usually cost similar to concrete, but they are much more expensive when looking for a finer finish for concrete


  Comfort is also a major component of the contrast between concrete and vinyl. For example, a national clothing retailer used cement in all its stores and found that its employees had to change shoes all day because of the pain of walking and standing on such a hard ground. It may also be the responsibility of several internal settings.

  Although it is a solid material, the concrete floor has certain hardness, which may be challenging in various applications. As far as noise is concerned, concrete is not ideal, because it usually leads to excessive acoustic effects, especially in open areas. Not surprisingly, many of the companies that initially chose concrete for their space eventually turned to vinyl flooring, let alone increased comfort, because of its multi-functional design quality.

  Although the concrete floor is solid and durable, the hardness of concrete can be uncomfortable sometimes

  Vinyl base plate vinyl provides extra comfort, especially with extra lining

  application area

  As mentioned before, the application of concrete is limited to a few industries, among which hotel, retail, supermarket and corporate office space are the most obvious. While there is no doubt that the trend for concrete flooring will continue, designers can rest assured that they can easily recreate the space by adding luxury vinyl materials to the mix.

  Due to its multi-functional and multi-purpose functions, the luxury vinyl floor can be used in almost any environment, whether it is healthcare, education, multi family, company, supermarket retail or hotel industry, it is a suitable floor solution. Vinyl performs particularly well in areas susceptible to high humidity and high humidity.

  Concrete floors are limited to certain applications due to their rigid nature

  Multi purpose functions of ethylene base plate


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