Daily maintenance and care of WPC floor

  WPC floor is a new type of material floor. There are many scenes of WPC floor. There are different ways of care for WPC floor in different environments. Today, enmanson floor net will take care of WPC floor in detail!

  WPC floor precautions:

  The wood can be bent by heating it. And plastic wood can be bent to a certain extent. Therefore, during long-term storage, it should be placed on flat ground to prevent deformation.

  In view of the advantages of plastic wood, even in the outdoor wind and sun, plastic wood will not rot, crack or produce cracks. In addition, it also has UV resistance, so plastic wood does not need special maintenance. This makes the future management of plastic and wood products very easy. Enmanson flooring suppliers here share 10 tips for the maintenance of plastic wood flooring in case you need them.

  First, how to maintain the plastic wood floor?

  1. Use soap, hot water and hard brush to remove dirt and residues. After the plastic wood floor is installed, clean the dirt and debris in this way.

  2. Use alcohol or acetone to gently wipe the mark printed on the side of the plastic wood floor.

  3. Use conventional floor cleaner or cleaner containing bleaching agent (sodium hypochlorite) and detergent.

  4. If there is grease stain on the floor, immediately use household degreaser to remove it, and then wash it with hot water.

  5. Wash the area with chalk mark with hot soapy water and bleach. Colored chalk marks are stubborn and cannot be removed, so consider using white chalk or talcum powder on the floor.

  6. Melt ice and calcium chloride or rock salt on the floor, which is available in most home product maintenance stores, such as Homedepot. When the ice starts to melt, wash it off.

  7. Remove ink stains with hot soapy water, and then clean thoroughly.

  8. Use cleaning products containing oxalic acid or phosphoric acid to remove dirt and rust on the floor. This will reduce the stain and may also remove it.

  9. Use common rust cleaner to remove pigment precipitation pollution caused by floor weathering.

  10. According to the instructions on the bleach package, mix the bleach with hot water to clean the wine stains and fruit stains. Wipe the stain gently and rinse with hot water.

  In floor maintenance and care, WPC floor is very simple, as long as the daily attention, the durability of the floor will be greatly improved


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