Detailed process of SPC floor paving

  For the floor pavement details, many people are not very clear. Today, enmanson SPC floor manufacturer will introduce to you what details need to be paid attention to in the process of SPC floor laying and installation, hoping to inspire those who have laying needs.

  Enmanson SPC floor paving method is simple, you can ask a special paving master, or you can do it yourself. When buying the floor, it is suggested to add 2% to 3% loss according to the actual square meter of the room. Let's take a look at the small details of SPC floor installation.

  1. Enmanson SPC floor is easy to pave, even DIY by itself. The only condition is that it must be paved on a flat ground, with a drop of no more than 2-3 mm within 2 square meters. It can be paved on floor tiles, self leveling ground, or directly on cement ground.

  2. Enmanson SPC floor is connected by lock catch, which can achieve perfect splicing, so no adhesive is needed, and no toxic gas will be produced naturally. However, due to the limitation of lock catch, the herringbone assembly method is generally not available.

  3. Enmanson SPC floor can be completely waterproof without water. If you are worried about water, you can use glass glue for simple treatment at the seam. And the reverse side of the floor has a layer of plastic substrate for moisture-proof, so it can be used normally even if the moisture-proof pad is not installed.

  For the laying process of the new SPC lock floor, it's actually very simple and not too difficult. I believe that many people can lay it by themselves. When laying the SPC floor, the most important thing is patience and meticulous, and the other is the problem of time. SPC floor laying process is not too cumbersome, and the tools needed are not professional.

  The above is the enmanson SPC lock floor manufacturers to introduce to you about the SPC floor laying and installation process need to pay attention to some small details, I hope to help you!

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