Details of SPC floor installation steps

  With the development of SPC floor, more and more customers choose to use SPC floor, but many people don't know how to install this new environmental protection floor. How to install it? Today, enmansen SPC floor manufacturer will give you a detailed introduction of how to install SPC floor:

  I. detailed explanation of SPC plastic floor installation process steps

  1. Insert the B plate convex into the groove, lock and level it.

  2. The space between board B and board C after leveling is about 2-3mm, forming a parallel line.

  3. Lift board a and board B at the same time (at an angle of about 45 degrees to the ground).

  4. Push the B plate toward the C plate until it is locked.

  5. Press plate A and B down with palm, do not press the floor hard.

  6. After assembly, the floor shall be flat and seamless. If the floor is not flat or has gaps, gently lift 10-30. The angle is locked, and the floor will be leveled automatically after fastening. ​​​​

  II. Detailed explanation of preparation before SPC floor installation

  01. When calculating the floor demand according to the building area, the loss is generally 5%. If it is installed at a certain angle, the loss is generally 10-15%;

  02. Before installation, it is necessary to have 2 days for the floor to adapt to the new environment. Place the floor horizontally on a flat ground, and control the indoor temperature between 18 ° C and 29 ° C. do not unpack. Avoid direct sunlight and large temperature changes.

  Ground preparation before SPC floor laying

  1. The suspended installation floor is generally required to be on the floor with plywood, OSB board, ceramic tile or cement self leveling. If it is installed on the original floor, the original floor must be firmly nailed or glued to the ground, and must be flat. Wooden plywood, OSB board or wood board floor must be flat.

  2. The unevenness of the base course shall be less than 2mm within 2m straight edge. Otherwise, proper self leveling shall be adopted for leveling. If there is no moisture-proof treatment for the original ground, a layer of waterproof polyethylene film shall be laid (the film and the film overlap 20cm).

  3. Before installation, it is necessary to clean and remove dust to ensure that there is no debris or gravel on the ground and that the ground is dry, clean and flat. Nails and screw heads must be driven in completely. Level any projections and gaps in the ground. The ground must be repaired for peeling, bulging, or damaged parts.

  1. First, check the floor, put the tenon side against the wall, and leave a 10 mm expansion joint between the floor and the wall. After the floor bonding is completed, it is forbidden to go on for 24 hours. After the glue is dry, take out the wooden wedge.

  2. The first floor of the second row is installed on the long side as shown in the figure. Insert the tenon of the floor to be paved into the slot of the first row of floors, and lift the floor slightly upward at an angle of 20 degrees until the floor is pressed down and flat at the joint position, so as to make it closely connected.

  3. Like other floors, the floor to be laid shall be wedged into the correct position in the above longitudinal direction.

  4. When wedging in the longitudinal direction, the distance between the front of the plate and the front plate shall be as small as possible, and then use the hammer plate to knock the short side horizontally upward to make them joint, and the specially designed lock catch will automatically buckle.

  SPC floor installation precautions

  1. Check the light source, and lay the floor in the direction parallel to the light with better visual effect.

  2. When laying the floor slab with staggered joints, the short side joints between the floor slabs shall be staggered more than 300 mm, so that the floor will be more stable, durable and beautiful. Check each floor to make sure there is no damage before installation.

  The above is about the installation steps of SPC floor. The installation of SPC floor is simpler than that of other wooden floors. Do a good job of preliminary preparation to ensure that there is no problem in the installation. For novices, it is also very fast to start, so you don't need to install yourself.

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