Development trend of WPC Super Floor

  According to the analysis of experts in China's flooring industry, according to the current overall development situation and international environment of the flooring industry, WPC flooring will replace the traditional flooring materials and become the mainstream product of the flooring industry in the future. This is mainly because WPC floor will invest more and more in science and technology content, and diversified product performance will make up for many deficiencies of traditional flooring materials.

  Compared with the traditional flooring, the super floor also has advantages over the traditional flooring in daily use performance:

  First, the installation is simple and the overall pavement effect is good

  The pavement of super floor is more simple, the joints are closer, and the overall pavement effect is good. The slotting of super floor is automatically corrected by laser, which avoids the height difference, makes the fit of floor more fine and flat, and reduces the error of manual pavement. Due to the locking force of the super floor, the floor extends to all sides with the change of temperature, avoiding local uplift, solving the problem of internal deformation of the floor, and the overall pavement effect is good.

  Second, easy maintenance

  As we all know, traditional floor materials are very troublesome and waste energy in daily maintenance. For example, the characteristics of the wood floor make it very easy to wear and get damp. If it is used for a long time, it will appear bulge, craze and other conditions. It is very inconvenient to replace and repair. The tile floor is also very difficult to maintain. Dust and dirt are easy to accumulate between the seams of the tile floor, which will not only affect the overall beauty, but also breed bacteria.

  If there is a heavy object placed on the tile floor, it will also be broken. Compared with these materials, the maintenance of WPC super floor is very convenient. When the surface of the floor is dirty, just wipe it with a mop. Its maintenance times are far lower than that of other materials.

  Third, strong wear resistance and long service life

  At the same time, WPC super floor has super wear resistance, which also extends its service life. If it is used normally and reasonably, its service life can reach more than 20 years.

  Fourth, waterproof and antiskid (applicable to humid environment)

  Compared with wood floor and tile floor, WPC super floor has stronger waterproof and antiskid ability. The super floor will not be damaged or deformed after being stained with water, and WPC floor will not be mildewed due to high humidity. Wood flooring has no such advantage. The super floor is more astringent when it meets water, which can protect people from slipping.

  Fifth, good thermal conductivity

  Compared with tile floor, WPC super floor has good thermal conductivity, uniform heat dissipation, small coefficient of thermal expansion and stability. In just 2-3 minutes, it can transfer the warm temperature to the ground.

  In Europe, America, Japan, South Korea and other countries and regions, WPC super floor is the first choice product of floor heating and heat conduction floor, which is very suitable for home pavement, and more suitable for floor heating room.

  Sixth, sound absorption and flame retardant

  The sound absorption of WPC super floor products can reach 20 dB, which is very suitable for cinemas, libraries and other places.

  And the interior with super floor will make people more relaxed than that with floor tiles, which has a pressure reducing effect on more and more urban people. It plays a very good role in the noise reduction of the upper and lower floors of high-rise buildings.

  WPC super floor can meet the national standard, and the fire performance of WPC floor products can reach Class B1.

  Seventh, absolutely zero formaldehyde (green environmental protection in the true sense)

  WPC super floor, the main raw material is non-toxic renewable polymer resin, and the base material contains natural stone powder without any radioactive elements, so it can ensure the environmental protection and health of WPC super floor products.

  Eighth, reusable

  The super floor is easy to install and lay, and easy to dismantle. Because the super floor is free of glue, it can be reused after dismantling. In addition, the raw materials are recyclable and can be reused.

  These are the advantages of WPC super floor products. In addition to these, WPC super floor has many advantages, such as easy processing, various designs, good decorative effect, etc. Through these points, we can estimate that WPC flooring industry will be very competitive, so as to stand out from many kinds of flooring

  With the continuous development of science and technology and the passage of time, WPC super floor will lead the field of home decoration. I believe that in the future, this new ground material product will become the mainstream trend in the home decoration market.

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