Emmanson SPC floor installation case 2

Dreams must always be carried out with action. A good store is the beginning of a dream, and a good environment is the greatest satisfaction of customers.
The appearance of Enmansen PVC self-adhesive flooring is undoubtedly a great benefit for families and rental housing. Because it is undoubtedly a costly way to ask for renovation of the family and rental housing, it is said that PVC self-adhesive flooring is very suitable for creating their own fashion space.
Next, the Enmanson SPC floor supplier will give an example of the benefits of PVC self-adhesive flooring:
1. General PVC self-adhesive floor thickness is 2mm and 1.8mm
2. The surface technology is imitation wood hand scratching PVC second generation adhesive
3. Environmental protection level: EO level environmental protection
4. Abrasion resistance: The transparent polymer layer protects the flower color, does not wear for a long time, and doubles the wear resistance.
5. Fire retardant: Use flame retardant surface layer to prevent open flame burning.
6. One tear and sticky: easy to install, one tear is sticky, children can paste, say goodbye to the cumbersome installation process, save engineering costs.
7. Waterproof and moisture-proof: no longer worry about the sprinkling of water, no problem, solve the troubles of moisture and mildew.
8. Second-generation strip glue: The adhesive is generally introduced into the European strip-shaped pressure-sensitive adhesive. The heat is not overflowing, it is breathable and moisture-proof, and the grip is strong.
9. Non-slip: 3D printing and dyeing process and three-dimensional groove texture, increase friction to achieve anti-slip effect.
10. Environmental protection: far lower than the national E1 formaldehyde emission.

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