KING UP flooring supplier floor sharing SPC floor ten question

  1. The kitchen is full of fumes, is the pavement SPC floor cleaned?

  The SPC floor is very easy to clean, and it can be wiped with a rag after it is dirty.

  2. What is the difference between SPC floor and PVC floor?

  SPC floor and PVC floor are different. Think of PVC floor, more think of plastic, many people will also confuse PVC floor and PVC pipe, plastic contains toxic substances, harmful to human body. But SPC flooring and plastic are not the same thing at all. SPC flooring does not contain toxic substances such as formaldehyde and benzene, and it has no radiation. It is a green environmental protection decoration material and will not cause harm to the human body.

  3. I heard that SPC floor noise prevention is true?

  SPC floor sound absorption and noise reduction is true. The SPC floor has a sound-absorbing effect that cannot be compared with ordinary floor materials, and its sound absorption can reach 20 decibels. Ideal for installations where there is a need to be quiet.

  4. Tiles usually have radiation, does SPC floor have radiation?

  SPC floor is not radiation, and it is a new type of ground decoration material that is green and environmentally friendly without any radioactive elements.

  5. Does SPC floor need regular maintenance?

  The SPC floor is easy to clean, the stains are not easily left, and it is resistant to wear and does not require regular maintenance. If you love the floor very much, you can also maintain it occasionally, but the SPC floor is much less frequently maintained than other floors.

  6. I heard that the SPC floor is ultra-thin and can be used for secondary paving. How thin is it?

  The thinnest SPC floor can be about 3 mm, saving space during the second paving process.

  7. Can the school lay the SPC floor?

  SPC flooring is the only new category of flooring that realizes “triple environmental protection”: consumer environmental protection (0 formaldehyde 0 radiation without TVOC), production process environmental protection (no heavy metal salt), eco-friendly (removable and recyclable), is the first choice for green flooring . School paving SPC floors is very safe for children.

  8. Can the dance club practice room be paved with SPC flooring?

  The SPC floor is super wear-resistant and has a special anti-slip property. The dance studio practice room is very suitable for paving.

  9. SPC is ultra-thin, the thinnest is only 3 mm, will it be easy to break?

  Although the SPC floor is ultra-thin, it has strong impact resistance. It has good elastic recovery for heavy impact damage and will not cause damage. Therefore, although the SPC floor is ultra-thin, it is not easy to break.

  10. Can the SPC floor be placed indoors in direct sunlight?

  SPC floor has high color fastness, is not easy to fade under direct sunlight, and has strong stability. In the case of high temperature, there is no reaction of thermal expansion and contraction, and fire retardant. The indoor direct sunlight can be paved.

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