Enmansen SPC floor suppliers told: floor purchase strategy

Wood flooring is a familiar decoration material, but when you visit the flooring market, you will definitely be faint: What kinds of wood flooring are there? How to avoid the money of solid wood to buy a tiankeng like a laminate floor? How to quickly understand the floor to the bottom ring Not environmentally friendly? How to choose the right one? Now, the Enmansen floor supplier will let you know!
Floor types and advantages and disadvantages
1, solid wood flooring
Solid wood flooring is a decorative material made of natural wood that has been dried and processed to form a floor covering. The materials of solid wood flooring are taken from many species, so the price varies greatly. The precious ones are rosewood and teak. The more common ones are maple, eucalyptus and ash, and the cheap ones are fir and pine.
Advantages: natural texture, environmental protection, good elasticity, and can be refurbished.
Disadvantages: not wear-resistant, easy to lose luster, not suitable for use in places with large humidity changes, easy to deform.
Price: the preferred teak flooring for solid wood, ¥700/m2; second-hand solid wood flooring ¥70/m2 - ¥200/m2.
2, solid wood composite floor
Environmentally friendly natural + practical and stable, solid wood composite flooring is divided into three layers of solid wood composite flooring, multi-layer solid wood composite flooring, new solid wood composite flooring.
Advantages: wear resistance, heat resistance, impact resistance, and not easy to deform. Natural veneer texture is very good, even better than a lot of low-end solid wood flooring.
Disadvantages: Degumming occurs when the quality of the glue is poor.
Price: ¥200/m2 - ¥300/m2
3, laminate flooring
The laminate flooring is also a multi-layer floor, a high-density substrate layer with an inner core, a wear-resistant layer, a balance (moisture-proof) layer, and a wood-grained decorative layer. It is durable and easy to handle, and requires almost no on-site protection. But the texture may not be as natural as solid wood flooring.
Advantages: The price range is large and can be used in the kitchen.
Disadvantages: The foot feels no solid wood floor and the repairability is poor.
Price: ¥70/m2 - ¥120/m2
4, cork flooring
Expensive enjoyment, the raw material for cork products is the bark of oak trees growing on the Mediterranean coast. The most familiar cork products are the cork of wine bottles and the head of badminton.
Advantages: Its main characteristics are light weight, large buoyancy, strong stretchability, flexibility, pressure resistance, impermeability, moisture and corrosion resistance, poor conductivity, thermal and acoustic insulation, strong insulation, friction resistance, non-flammability, delay of fire spread, no It causes allergic reactions, excellent sound absorption and environmental protection.
Disadvantages: The price is expensive, only consumers with certain economic strength will accept it, and the "noble" gear will make ordinary consumers discouraged.
5, bamboo flooring
It is cool in winter and cool in summer, and it is moisture-proof and wear-resistant. Bamboo and wood flooring is the floor made of bamboo after treatment.
Advantages: It is rich in the natural beauty of natural materials, and has the advantages of wear and durability, and is anti-mite and shockproof. The bamboo wood floor is warm in winter and cool in summer, moisture-proof and wear-resistant, and easy to use. In particular, it can reduce the amount of wood used and protect the environment.
Disadvantages: It will deform with changes in climate dryness.
Price: ¥200/m2 or so
Five kinds of flooring, each with its own strengths, choose which one, believe in your own point of view. However, industry insiders predict that solid wood composite flooring is becoming the development trend of home improvement flooring.
Steps to buy wooden floors
1. Before you buy, you must first know the level, orientation and area of ​​your home. It is best to draw a plan for the overall planning, assign the use function of each room, and then choose the floor according to local conditions. Generally speaking, young people work because of work. It is quite busy, so it is impossible to completely agree with the requirements of the elderly and children. It is best to discuss the consensus of the whole family and determine the direction of the floor. It is also necessary to consider the performance of the floor. It is temporary or long-term. Will it be laid during the construction? In the operation and destruction of the surrounding buildings; finally consider their own economic capacity, budget renovation costs.
2, the choice of wood flooring: combined with personal preferences, decoration style, economic budget, etc., first selected from five categories of flooring (solid wood flooring, laminate flooring, solid wood composite flooring, cork flooring, bamboo flooring). After the type is confirmed, the tree species, color, grade, price and specifications are further determined.
3, the current manufacturers and brands of wood flooring on the market are dazzling, dazzling, three no products abound. Therefore, it is necessary to know the brand and credibility of the floor when purchasing, and try to buy well-known brand flooring.
4. Through the investigation and research of the above steps, the type, color, grade specifications and price of the floor have been well-informed, that is, the direction of purchase is determined and the payment is prepared. It must be further clarified before purchase: 1 the quality of the floor; 2 the method of laying; 3 the promise of warranty.
5, the supplier's receipt of the receipt, the two sides to identify the contract, to be the first gentleman. In principle, whoever buys the floor will be laid, so don't look for someone to lay it yourself, so as to avoid the quality problems and push each other's responsibility, so that consumers will suffer unnecessary losses.
6. Before the floor is laid, the floor is sent to the construction site by the manufacturer. The consumers should promptly check whether the quantity, quality, specifications, colors, grades, etc. of the floor and accessories are consistent with the purchase requirements, and must not be vague, ambiguous and can be laid. There are counts in the front.
7. After the number and quality of the floor are approved, determine the laying process and ground treatment requirements.
8, as much as possible on-site supervision, that is to say, the process of laying, guiding, and acceptance.
9. After the decoration is completed, carry out the final acceptance and approval, settle the project payment, refund more and less, and ask for the after-sales service card.
10, pay attention to the maintenance of the floor, after the floor is laid, at least 24 hours of maintenance, to make it cemented to avoid the floor, affecting the life.
Floor buying tips
Floor selection can pay attention to the following points when selecting:
1. It should be purchased in the regular company and its subordinate stores, shopping mall showrooms and building materials supermarkets. Regular companies are guaranteed to serve. Don't be greedy and cheap, buy it at the so-called brick-and-mortar vendors, so as to avoid the problems of construction and maintenance, and the troubles are endless. Ask the other party to issue an official invoice.
2. For imported products, the supplier shall provide the latest customs declaration form to ensure that the products are purely imported. In addition, according to relevant national laws and regulations: Imported products should provide quality inspection reports of relevant domestic authorities to ensure product quality.
3, to choose the product performance price is better, that is, the same quality than the price, the same price than the quality performance.
4, according to personal hobbies, living environment (such as light, etc.) to select the color of the multi-layer solid wood floor, in general, the lighting conditions are almost optional light color, like the strong personality of the optional color is a little deeper.
5, select a multi-layer solid wood floor to choose a better surface wear resistance. At present, the surface coating of clay paint is the best on the market, which can be tested by hand touching whether the surface is smooth and satin, and the fingernail is lightly stroked and generally has no trace.
6, to choose a low formaldehyde content of the product. Because it is related to health and safety.
Floor recognition good and bad floor to "ten look"
A look: whether it is a specialty store sales. Is there a power of attorney, whether there is an international quality certificate and a certificate of China's environmental labeling products, and an authority certificate issued by the state functional department; is there an inspection report (some commissioned inspection reports are not true, depending on the supervision inspection or daily inspection inspection report), Original. Since there is no, it may be a low quality floor.
Second look: product information and atlas. Those words that are rough in printing, succinct in content, arguably wearable, and so on are misleading propaganda, which is caused by non-standard manufacturers.
Third look: Whether the manufacturer or marketing organization has a standardized retail price, whether it is a random price product, if this is the case, it is impossible to be the brand floor.
Four look: the surface pattern of the floor. Floors with blurred texture, irregular color, unnatural, and poor solid wood are not resistant to UV rays and are easily faded. These floors are undoubtedly low quality products.
Five look: core material. Those core materials are rough, the color is dark, the formaldehyde content exceeds the national superior product standard, and the comprehensive floor index is mostly unqualified, which is a poor product.
Six look: the degree of polishing. Use woodworking sandpaper to apply force to polish the surface of the floor a few times. The low-quality counterfeit products have white marks and are lower than the national standard.
Seven look: stitching effect. Draw a pack of flooring and stagger the three pieces. The problem of height difference and triangular seams and the edges are not straight, and such a floor is a poor product.
Eight look: the bottom of the floor. Those whose colors are inconsistent, the texture is rough, the floor without the brand name and production time, the deformation is large, the moisture is poor, and it is a low-grade product.
Nine Look: The import board looks at the customs declaration and the commodity inspection form and the certificate of origin. The original imported floor has a place of origin, specifications, name, date on the list, and the relevant content of the Chinese translation on the package. More importantly, look at whether the number on the import list is tens of thousands of square meters or more. Less than tens of thousands of square meters may have imported a little original floor, but a large number of sold floors belong to the sheep head selling dog meat, which is self-produced or OEM. The product.
Ten look: warranty card and sales receipt. All regular manufacturers have standard receipts, and the actual manufacturer address and telephone number on the package and product information. There are no real addresses and phone numbers on the inferior floor boxes and product information, or no address or phone at all.