Enmanson solid wood SPC floor

The stone-plastic composite ethylene base plate is considered as an upgraded version of the ethylene base plate. With the development of floor market, SPC is more and more popular with customers.
SPC has the advantages of good rigidity, stable size, 100% waterproof, scratch resistance and so on. it is recognized as a new generation of floor materials. It has lower requirements for the floor, such as concrete, ceramics or existing floors, all of which are easy to manage and install. In addition, the SPC material is 0 formaldehyde, which is completely environmentally friendly for both residential and commercial places.
SPC flooring is superior to reinforced wood flooring in formaldehyde, waterproof and moisture-proof, flame retardant, superfine scratch and skid-proof. Moreover, there are no cracks and holes on the surface after installation, so there is no need to worry about water absorption. The stain can be easily cleaned with a wet mop, leaving no traces that are difficult to remove, and does not require special care products for maintenance.
In order to lead the flooring trend, EMANSON has been committed to research exclusive products for the market. Our revolutionary product, wood veneer SPC flooring, is under development. Wood veneer SPC floor is the latest generation of floor covering. There is also a new SPC floor texture, with a real bark. It is an innovation of using solid wood veneer on the basis of SPC core material. It not only makes the floor surface look like solid wood, but also greatly improves the quality of SPC. It is believed that once launched, it will surely attract customers'attention in the floor market.

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