[Enmanson spc floor] imported floor maintenance skills

Nowadays, the home decoration materials must be used in the home decoration. The imported floor is more beautiful and more comfortable than the tile. Therefore, it is very popular among everyone, and the cleaning is also very convenient. There are also many brands about imported flooring. Enmansen imported floor is one of the choices of many people. The care and maintenance of imported floor has always been a question for everyone. The following Enmansen floor will introduce how the imported floor is treated and what maintenance methods are available. Coup?
How to care and maintain the imported floor?
1, imported floor attention to waterproof
In the summer, imported solid wood flooring should be protected from rain and water in the window. In winter, it is necessary to prevent the water from running in the house. If you accidentally leak water, even if it is a little tea, wipe it with a soft rag and keep the floor dry to avoid pushing. Gloss may even cause the floor to warp, crack, and mold. The imported floor of Enmansen has the advantages of waterproof, scratch-resistant and easy to clean. It is relatively safe for the care and maintenance of the floor.
2, imported floor attention to fire
Unfinished cigarette butts and matchsticks cannot be left on the ground at random. Electric stoves, rice cookers, electric irons, electric soldering irons, etc., cannot be placed on them without placing a flameproof or anti-scalding layer. Otherwise, Easy to burn wooden floors. Do not use dust or dirt on the surface of the gasoline to prevent static electricity from causing fire and cause fire.
3, the imported floor to pay attention to damage
Even the finest ash, it is easy to wear the turbulence and color of its surface for a long time, leaving traces. If there is already ash, you should wipe it with a semi-wet soft rag in time. It is best to put in the average prize slipper and then enter the room without bringing the gravel. Do not wear the soles with nails and iron palms until the hard soles are moving around and the surface is manipulated. Rough, heavy and hard objects must not be pulled on the wooden floor. When placed, the protective mat should also be placed and attention should be taken;
4, the imported floor to pay attention to anti-fouling
If it is a general dirt left by water-soluble substances, wipe off the dust first, then wipe it with a soft rag on the tea, the water or the orange peel soaked in orange peel. This can not only remove dirt, but also restore the turmoil of the paint film. If it is dirt, gum, oil paint and other difficult to remove dirt, do not rush to rub with gasoline.
Different from the traditional installation method, the Enmansen floor treatment has 8 processes: ground cleaning, ground grinding, floor cleaning, professional floor protection film, grounding substrate, crucible substrate, base. Material exhaust, substrate grinding and vacuuming. Among them, “ground grinding” is to use the professional grinding equipment provided by the manufacturer to finish the ground on the ground, to accurately level the ground, so that the error with the surrounding ground is controlled within 2.0 mm; and “ground vacuum” is to sweep the ash. After that, use the vacuum equipment to absorb the ground dust and particles. Such a cumbersome and fine ground treatment process not only solves the drawbacks of the traditional installation method, but also reduces the trouble of maintenance at the later stage without increasing the installation cost, thereby creating an environmentally friendly and healthy living space for the consumer.

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