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What is the purchase price of PVC floor in 2019?

Author:EnManSen     Time:2019-11-06 12:04

 What is the purchase price of PVC floor in 2019?_www.spcfloorsupplier.com

    1. What is the price of PVC floor

  At present, there are two types of PVC floor in the market: roll floor and block floor. However, the volume will be a lot more lumpy soft, but the price of different types of PVC floor will be poor. In addition, the price of PVC floor will be affected by different specifications, brands and construction costs. Therefore, PVC floor price is how much? There is no fixed value, specific to actual purchase price. In fact, we should make a preliminary budget before buying, so as to know what grade of PVC floor should be bought.

  The price of domestic wood floor varies from tens to hundreds of yuan,

  The price is closely related to the thickness, total thickness, brand and other factors of the wear-resistant layer. In general,

  The price of domestic PVC floor is relatively low, but its quality and technical content are inferior to those of imported brands. There are several reasons that may affect the price:

  1. Cost price of raw materials

  2. Human resources consumed in construction (in some special environments, more manpower may be needed)

  3. Requirements for floor materials and special design (requirements are proportional to price)

  If it is a supplier purchase, you can specifically communicate with the enmanson PVC floor manufacturer by telephone the specific purchase price and specific purchase scheme.

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