[Floor manufacturer] Does the laminate need to be waxed?

Many owners who bought the floor are not very clear about how to maintain the floor. Today, the Enmansen floor manufacturer will give you a detailed introduction to the maintenance skills and related precautions of the ancient language laminate flooring. I hope to help you!
First, do you need to wax the laminate?
Since the surface of the reinforced floor is Al2O3, it is relatively smooth and has a good brightness. This layer mainly plays a role of anti-slip. If the essential oil is maintained on the floor, it will reduce the slip resistance of the floor. It is a kind of damage. The exception is the high-gloss composite floor, which is generally piano lacquer and has no wear resistance and high alumina.
Second, strengthen the floor maintenance method
In addition to no need to wax, the laminate flooring has many places to pay attention to, and you can do it by contrast:
1. The floor should be kept dry and clean, and avoid a large amount of water in the floor. Avoid direct sunlight, which will cause the floor to crack and age ahead of time, maintain normal indoor temperature, and pay attention to indoor ventilation.
2. Remove oil stains and stains on the floor in time. You can use household soft neutral detergent to warm the water. It is best to use special floor cleaning protection liquid for cleaning with the floor. Remember not to touch the surface of the floor with corrosive liquids such as alkaline water or soapy water, and do not wipe the floor with flammable materials such as gasoline.
3, the substrate of the laminate floor is usually made of high-density fiberboard. This material has the physical characteristics of "wet expansion and contraction", the floor can not absorb water, and the indoor temperature should be properly wet and dry. Pay attention to the moisture-proof floor, the summer air humidity is large, is the key season of the floor moisture-proof, winter heating, to prevent the heating system leakage.
4, usually avoid scissors, knives and the like scratch the floor surface, keep the floor clean, to avoid some sand and small stones damage to the floor. Clean up the water in the bathroom and kitchen door at any time to avoid the inclusion of gelatinous objects on the floor, such as chewing gum, which is not easy to clean.