[Floor manufacturer] to avoid misunderstandings to see three

  When the first three-layer solid wood floor was brought into the Nordic Palace, its luxurious appearance and noble and elegant colors won the love of the royal family, and gradually became popular among the Nordic royal family and the elite. As a newcomer to the flooring industry, it is sought after by consumers in China because of its luxurious atmosphere, stable structure, and natural environmental protection. However, many consumers buy three-layer solid wood flooring, because they do not understand the quality and characteristics of wood, often costly and laborious. For this reason, there are several misunderstandings here, which need to attract the attention of consumers.

  Misunderstanding 1: Pursue the panel, the thicker the better

  The three-layer solid wood is divided into a table, a core, and a bottom layer, and the surface layer is a wear-resistant layer, and is also a visual aesthetic layer. The material should be made of wood with a hard texture and clear texture. The average consumer will think that the thicker the surface layer, the longer the wear resistance will be, the better it will be used. In fact, this is not true. The thickness of 3-4mm is suitable, which meets the quality requirements of the process and the daily use, and is a reasonable thickness. If the sheet is too thick, cracking is likely to occur.

  Second, excessively picky color difference, the pursuit of consistent texture

  The three-layer solid wood panels are natural wood. Due to different planting locations, different sunlight, different humidity, etc., the wood color is not the same. In addition, the plates cut out by the same wood saw, due to the different positions of the saw, will also result in different shades of color and different wood textures, which is a natural phenomenon. Chromatic aberration is an aspect that highlights the beauty of nature. When choosing a floor, you don't have to be too strict in color consistency.

  Third, excessive pursuit of precious wood species

  The price of expensive three-layer solid wood flooring is several times more expensive than ordinary ones, but it is not necessarily suitable for home style. Choosing wooden flooring is important for your living environment, and it is comfortable and comfortable to use. Don't over-purchase the famous species. The result may not match the overall decoration style, and exceed the budget plan.

  Then, after avoiding these purchase mistakes, how to choose a good wooden floor?

  Key point

  Look at the plate

  Whether a floor is good or not depends on the choice of the plate. The three-layer solid wood of the Estonia Parket of Estonian Platinum Estonia Parket is made of FSC-approved wood, which is legal and safe. At the same time, the bottom layer is made of high quality birch, which is denser and more flame retardant than the maple and spruce used on the ground floor (the floor is more stable when the climate changes). Due to the different parts of the plate, the moisture content and density are not the same. In order to maintain better stability, the surface layer of Esta Parket three-layer solid wood and the bottom layer are selected to have similar density (the closer the density of the plate is, the temperature changes when it occurs. The probability of deformation is small). This is one of the more stable differences between the three-layer solid wood of Esta Parket and the ordinary three-layer solid wood.

  Look at the appearance

  In terms of appearance, it is first necessary to see whether the texture of the board is regular and whether the surface is smooth and smooth. In other words, the process and cutting technology of the floor surface cannot be ignored, but for Esta Parket in Estonia, this is not a concern. In order to maintain the beauty of the logs, the surface is coated with 7 layers of natural environmentally friendly paint, which retains the natural wood holes of the wood, keeps the logs beautiful, and at the same time buffers the impact of daily behavior on the plates to a certain extent, and plays a role in protecting the plates. In addition, the board adopts German Haomai high-speed cutting equipment and high-precision cutting technology to ensure a smooth and seamless connection between the board and the board, ensuring perfect visual effects. In order to deepen the visual beauty of the floor, the surface is subjected to multiple special processes, such as drawing, engraving, carbonization, and smoking, to bring consumers a richer sensory experience.

  See environmental protection

  There are many wooden floors on the market with the "zero formaldehyde" slogan, but none of the floors are zero formaldehyde, because the wood itself contains formaldehyde. For example, the formaldehyde content in our daily drinking water is ≤0.9mg/L, and the formaldehyde in beer contains ≤2mg/L. The extremely low formaldehyde content is not harmful to the human body. Esta Parket's three-layer solid wood is strictly controlled in the production process, and the formaldehyde content is controlled at <0.05mg/m2, which is also a necessary condition for it to obtain the world's most stringent environmental protection certification - Finland M1 environmental certification.

  Of course, in addition to these simple tests, the floor purchase has other optional elements, depending on the color and size, according to your home decoration style, you can choose according to your own preferences.