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  How to choose a good floor? How to buy the floor? What are the mainstream floors? The floor is more important in the decoration. It can be said that the quality of the floor installation will determine whether the decoration is successful or not. The floor installation is good, which will improve the taste and style of the whole home decoration. . So today we will introduce how to choose a good floor, so that everyone can live more comfortable and safer!


  In the process of home design and decoration, the choice of the color of the floor and the choice of materials are very important, because the floor is the background and foundation of the entire home design. In addition, the design of the floor should pay attention to the tone, this tone is the color of the mix, but also consider the purity and brightness of the color.

  Floor quality

  The tree species of the flooring materials are selected, and the prices of different tree species vary greatly. Don't be misled by some unregulated floor names. Choose solid wood flooring made from natural swatches and stable trees. Check the moisture content of the wooden floor. If the water content is too high or too low, various deformations such as arching, corrugating, expansion and contraction may occur during use or when the ambient temperature and humidity change. The moisture content of the good floor is up to standard and can extend its service life. When choosing the size of the wooden floor, it should be short and not too long, and should be narrow and not wide. If floor heating is used in the home improvement, the wooden floor should be relatively thin.

  Floor splicing

  Use a few pieces of floor to splicing at random, check for tight seams, and feel smooth and smooth. Check the fineness of the workmanship of the floor, check whether the quality is fine, smooth or not, and whether the joints, the installation gaps, the anti-deformation grooves, etc. are tightly combined.

  Paint quality

  Select the paint quality of the floor, it is best to choose UV light curing paint, first of all to observe whether the paint film on the surface of the paint plate is uniform, full, smooth, with or without paint leakage, bubbling, perforation and so on. The lubricity of the edge paint, the fingers follow the slot, there is no rough feeling. Nearly half of the manufacturers on the market can't make the edge paint round.


  Need to remind everyone that the effect produced by the single floor and the overall pavement is not exactly the same, so pay attention to the shop to see a few more to see the effect, and then determine whether to buy. The primary factor in color. The deep-toned floor has a strong appeal and expressiveness, and its personality is distinctive. The light-tone floor is simple, fresh and elegant. In recent years, the demand for some seemingly sinuous wooden floors, such as tree festivals, insect eyes, decay, and cracked textures, has been reflected in the concept of people paying attention to nature and returning to nature.

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