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What is solid wood, solid wood multi-layer, reinforced composite? In the end, which kind of floor is good, suitable for me, it is really a person who is forced to choose difficult diseases. Today, Enmansen floor supplier will talk with you about some techniques for purchasing the floor!
As we enter the New Year, many families are busy with home decoration, choosing the floor, preparing for the New Year, but it is difficult to buy the floor. What is solid wood, solid wood multi-layer, reinforced composite? In the end, which kind of floor is good, suitable for me, it is really a person who is forced to choose difficult diseases.
How to distinguish solid wood, multi-layer, and reinforcement?
The little friends who don’t know about the wooden floor are definitely looking at this problem. Today, I will introduce you to the types, advantages and disadvantages of the floor and the key points of purchase.
wooden floor
Solid wood flooring is easier to understand, it is a piece of pure solid wood. In this way, solid wood flooring is equivalent to a piece of pure chocolate, pure from the inside out. The advantage is that the pure solid wood board is natural and beautiful, and the foot feels good, but the environment is high and the price is high.
Solid wood multilayer
The difference between solid wood multi-layer and pure solid wood flooring is that he is made of multiple solid wood panels, rather than a single sheet. The so-called two-layer and three-layer are just different ways to distinguish the different layers of the floor structure. The advantages are solid wood board, natural texture, high aesthetics, and good foot feeling. The structure solves the characteristics that the solid wood is easy to open, but at the same time the environmental performance is worse than the solid wood floor.
Reinforced composite
The laminate flooring is generally composed of four layers of materials, and the middle is a high-density substrate board. The advantage is that the surface of the sheet is better in abrasion resistance and stain resistance, which is easy to clean and care, but because it is a high-density substrate board, environmental performance difference.
After you understand the basic information, how do you choose your favorite floor? There are several elements for your reference.
Environmental protection
The floor is closely related to our lives. Its environmental index is related to our health. We must pay attention to formaldehyde when buying the floor. Because formaldehyde is present in the wood itself, trace amounts of formaldehyde have no effect on our health. For the release amount of formaldehyde in the sheet, reinforced composite > solid wood multilayer > solid wood.
What to look at for environmental protection, look at data and environmental certification. On May 1, 2018, the new national standard was in line with international standards, and the original standard E2 level was cancelled. The limit mark E1 was changed. The E1 level was the national standard, and the formaldehyde emission amount was 1.5 mg/L, indicating that the floor can be used directly indoors instead of the human body. Health causes damage. The floor level that meets the E0 standard can be compared with the health and safety standards of food, drinking water and other related products, and it is very environmentally friendly.
The Finnish M1 and the German blue sky have made the two environmental certifications recognized by the world, and these two certifications can be found in the Jinsteel Platinum. When selecting the floor, the merchants can provide relevant data and certificates.
Wear resistant
The wear resistance number has a direct relationship with the service life of the wooden floor. The higher the wear resistance number, the better the wear resistance of the product. Wear resistance is generally referred to as reinforced composite, because solid wood and solid wood multi-layer boards are pure solid wood, and the surface cannot carry overweight objects. The wear resistance of the laminate floor is determined by the surface wear layer and is expressed by the wear resistance number. The household is generally ≥ 6000 rpm, and the public place is ≥ 9000 rpm
Look at the details
Solid wood and solid wood composite flooring mainly look at texture and technology, whether the board surface is flat and there are no cracks. The laminate flooring is waterproof, moisture-proof, UV-resistant, non-fading, and anti-static. When viewing, it is necessary to see whether the surface gloss and pattern are uniform and realistic. See if the interface is neat and undamaged, and there are tiny serrated cracks.
Finally, the Enmansen floor reminds everyone to choose the floor when it is necessary to pay attention to whether the floor is in line with the style of home decoration, pay attention to their economic ability when choosing, and pay attention to the floor details and correct view of the floor color difference when selecting the floor.