Ground requirements before SPC lock floor pavement

  SPC lock floor is a floor material with high cost performance and practicability in the market at present. Its advantages such as waterproof, flame retardant and formaldehyde free are recognized by many consumers and the first choice for floor pavement. For the installation of wooden floor, there will be a lot of requirements for the ground in the early stage. Today, the manufacturer of enmanson SPC floor will introduce the requirements for the ground before the installation of SPC lock floor.

  The quality of the ground plays an important role in the pavement of the floor materials. The construction of SPC lock floor has a high demand on the ground base. If the ground base is not done well, the construction effect and the use performance of the SPC lock floor will be affected.

  The raw material of SPC lock floor is made of PVC environmental friendly, non-toxic and renewable resources, natural stone powder and other materials. There are certain requirements for the ground base. Before the floor is paved, the base must be dry, flat and solid. The flatness evaluation is to measure the deviation within 3 mm with a 2-meter measuring ruler (guiding ruler) and a wedge-shaped feeler gauge.

  If the surface of the pavement ground is cement ground, it is required to reach the state of no sand, and the control of the ground hardness is that the volume ratio of the leveling layer cement and mortar should be less than 1:3. It is recommended to use professional cement of large factory, the strength grade of cement mixed soil should not be less than C20, the surface hardness should not be less than 2MPa, and the surface layer hardness can be detected by cutting the ground with a sharp awl.

  The surface of the ground foundation shall be smooth and flat. When the mortar layer is not dry, the cement worker's special iron trowel shall be used to finish the surface.

  If there is a production gap in the foundation settlement, the width of the crack shall not exceed 1.0mm. The ground density requires that the ground surface shall not have many pores, be too rough, and be flat and smooth.

  The water content of the ground foundation shall be less than 8%, and the ground shall be kept dry before construction. The height between the bottom of the door and the ground shall ensure that the opening and closing of the roof door will not be affected after the floor is paved.

  To make the floor pavement more beautiful, it will be better to make a layer of self leveling pavement. There should be no cross construction between self leveling construction and ground pavement, and any type of operation should ensure that the self leveling and floor will not be damaged.

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