Hospital floor introduction, what conditions does the hospital floor need to have

  Required for different usage scenarios, laying the floor also is not the same, in the hospital, for example, the floor of the hospital with the main function not beautiful, but is practical, such as non-slip, higher security, in an easy to clean, for example, the hospital daily traffic is bigger, the floor more easily dirty, so she needs medical scale load more good cleaning. Another example is durability, which involves the size of the wear-resistant layer. The following enmanson SPC floor manufacturer will give you a detailed introduction of the hospital floor.

  Antiskid safety

  Smooth, flexible plastic floor is below local pressure action, can produce instantaneous flexibility to be out of shape, make coefficient of friction of the surface increases immediately, slippery not easily when walking.

  For granite, terrazzo and floor tiles, the surface is hard and smooth, and the friction coefficient of the surface is only plastic floor pedestrians easy to slip, only through the use of concave and convex surface structure to increase the anti-slip of stone ground, but the impact of concave and convex surface is easy to accumulate dust.

  Antiskid design is a functional requirement that requires special consideration for hospital buildings, especially pediatric, geriatric and bone injury wards.

  Enmanson SPC floor manufacturing network PVC floor adopts environmental protection without polychlorene as the raw material, our common infusion tape is the selection of this material, construction only need to gouge the ground, brush on glue and then stick can, meet move we straight tear is, completely does not affect the second decoration. So plastic floor common language hospital, school, market.

  Industrial plant floor glue is a common choice of many factory owners, we all know the factory machinery, such as a variety of carts, and high-load tools to move back and forth on the ground. So special tall to the ground requirement, the wear-resisting floor that such high load ground must choose high intensity, ability satisfies industrial production demand, otherwise the ground USES not how long will appear damage circumstance.

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