Household floor 0 formaldehyde environmental friendly and pollution-free SPC floor

  SPC wood floor is popular in the world, and it is loved and recommended by all decorators. SPC wood floor is very popular because of its high quality and low price. It uses renewable low-carbon environmental protection epoxy resin as the key raw material, which conforms to the development strategy of environmental protection and reduces the damage of trees. Its raw material is recyclable and improves the utilization rate of later materials.

  Compared with the traditional wood floor, SPC wood floor completely gets rid of the problems of expansion and contraction, bulging and other problems caused by the transformation of wood floor from the external hot and cold wet area, saves the ratio of height to width of the room, and can be repeatedly disassembled and used, which is more cost-effective.

  What is SPC wood floor?

  SPC wood floor refers to the wood floor that is installed on the ground without nails, glue and main keel in the whole process of wood floor laying. It is a new type of environmental protection floor developed and designed according to new technology. It has the characteristics of zero indoor formaldehyde, mildew removal, waterproof and fire safety, mothproof, installation and operation.

  SPC wood floor is made of PVC plate extruded by extrusion machine and T-shaped abrasive tools. Three or four roller calenders are used to heat and Emboss PVC wear-resistant layer, PVC color film and PVC plate at one time. The processing technology is highly regulated and caters to heat generation without strong glue.

  SPC wood flooring raw materials are used in the secret recipe of environmental protection, and there are no harmful substances such as heavy metals, phthalates, ethanol, etc., which conform to gb4085-83.

  SPC wood floor is widely sold in American capitalist countries and Asia Pacific region. With its excellent environmental protection characteristics, SPC wood floor can not only deal with the problem of moisture, deformation and mildew of pure wood floor, but also deal with the problem of indoor formaldehyde of other home decoration materials.

  SPC wooden floor can provide many patterns of flowers, which is suitable for the room home decoration, hotel restaurant, hospital outpatient, large shopping mall, college kindergarten, nursing home, office building and other public occasions.

  What is SPC wood floor made of?

  SPC wood floor ingredients: PVC resin powder, lime powder, plasticizer, thickener, carbon black, key ingredients are polyethylene and lime powder.

  Structure of SPC wood floor: from the bottom to the surface, it consists of base layer, color film decorative layer, wear-resistant layer and UV layer.

  Why is SPC wood floor more and more popular?

  1. Dampproof and waterproof. It solves the problem that the traditional wooden floor is easy to rot and swell after moisture absorption and moisture return in the treatment of wet and cold and multi water environment, and can adapt to the decoration environment where the traditional wooden floor cannot be used.

  2. Prevent moth and white ants, reasonably avoid insect scratching, and increase service life.

  3. With strong ductility, it can keep the humanized design simple, let the designer give full play to and keep it, and focus on the personalized design style.

  4. High thermal insulation, zero pollution, no pollution, recyclable system application. There is no benzene and formaldehyde in the commodity. It is a green environmental protection product. It can be used in a recycling system, which greatly saves the demand of wood and fits the world view of sustainable development.

  5. High fire safety. It can be reasonably flame-retardant. The flame-retardant grade is higher than B1. It will extinguish itself in case of fire, and will not cause all harmful gases.

  6. The installation and operation of the project are convenient and fast. There is no need to build a wooden keel ceiling, the floor is not required to be moistureproof, and complex construction technology is not required to save the installation cycle and cost.

  7. It is not easy to crack, swell or deform. The overhaul and maintenance are more single, which is conducive to cleaning and saves the overhaul and maintenance costs in the middle and later stages.

  8. Sound insulation is easy to use, environmental protection and energy conservation are strong, fast heat conduction, heat insulation and heat preservation are good, so that the environmental protection and energy conservation in the room can reach about 30%.

  9. SPC wood flooring is relatively pure solid wood flooring, solid wood composite flooring and laminate flooring, which are of high quality and low price, and fashionable trend of environmental protection.

  10. SPC wood floor can be recycled to reduce the waste of urban planning and construction. The leftover materials of engineering construction can also be recycled. The old wood floor can be reused.

  12. Gorgeous and colorful, with many colors and styles available. Super clear printing process is selected for SPC wood floor, which can completely show the warmth and beauty of wood floor, the purity and level of tile wood floor; The style and pattern of SPC wood floor are very colorful. Whether it's the fashionable style like red wood grain and color root, which is loved by everyone, or the natural texture favored by everyone in the "Buddha nature" period, can be considered.

  How is SPC wood floor laid?

  In the whole process of laying SPC wood floor, it is not necessary to make a very thick mixed mortar like floor tile and marble floor, nor to lay the main keel like wood floor. As long as the floor is leveled, it can be laid immediately. After laying, the SPC wood floor shall be tightly closed in the middle! No water can seep down!

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