How about PVC floor - what are the advantages of PVC floor

Now there are many people with different materials to lay the floor Oh, most people will use ceramic or wood floor to lay the hall and bedroom. But some children's parks, banks and hospitals like to use other materials. For example, PVC floor is quite common. Different from the wood floor, the wood floor sounds louder when walking, but if it's PVC, the sound will be much smaller. So what about PVC flooring? Let's see if the PVC floor is good today.


PVC floor production

"PVC floor" refers to the floor made of PVC material. It is made of PVC and its copolymer resin as the main raw material, adding fillers, plasticizers, stabilizers, colorants and other auxiliary materials, on the sheet continuous substrate, by coating process or calendering, extrusion or extrusion process.

How about PVC floor

What are the advantages of PVC floor

I. PVC floor has a variety of colors to choose from, such as carpet pattern, stone pattern, wood floor pattern, grass pattern, etc. the texture is lifelike and beautiful, the color is rich and beautiful, the cutting and splicing is simple and convenient, and the creativity and imagination are fully used to meet the personalized needs of designers, different users and different decoration styles. And no color difference, light resistance, no radiation, long-term use does not fade.

II. PVC floor installation is relatively fast, without cement mortar, it can be used in 24 hours. Easy to clean, maintenance free, not afraid of water, oil, dilute acid, alkali and other chemical erosion, generally with wet mop cleaning, time-saving and labor-saving. After installation, there is no need to wax, just normal daily maintenance can be as clean as new.

III. PVC floor is made of renewable materials. It has the characteristics of non radiation and non-toxic. It is not harmful to health. It can be a green product. General PVC floor won't have heavy metal, also have no radioactivity.

Four, PVC floor unique surface and plastic foam pad after seamless treatment, sound absorption effect can not compare with ordinary floor materials. It can fully absorb and isolate the noise of 15db-19db, and solve the problem of noise.

Impact resistant and easy to return type: it has a certain noise reduction effect; the foot feels warm and soft; the thickness is thin and the density is low; there are many colors, which can prevent the colors of various materials of wood, stone and magnetism; the surface is resistant to water and not easy to mildew; the laying method has many good effects; fire prevention

Wear resistance and durability: this depends on the quality of the wear-resistant layer completely. See the specific revolution number. The thickness of the medium quality wear-resistant layer is more than 0.4mm. It is basically OK for 10 years of family use. It is easy to replace and repair, and pollutants are relatively easy to control, that is to say, environmental protection indicators are relatively easy to achieve. So what we are looking at is the environmental protection of back glue or matching glue.

2. What are the disadvantages of stone plastic floor?

① high requirements for construction foundation: high sensitivity to the ground, requiring the ground to be flat, smooth and clean. Self leveling is required before paving.

② attention for later use: easy to be burned by cigarette butts or scratched by sharp tools.

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