How much is PVC floor? How much is one square meter of PVC floor in China

PVC floor is a new type of floor decoration material with many advantages and various types (such as PVC sports floor, PVC commercial floor, PVC homogeneous permeable floor, PVC dense bottom floor). It has been recognized by many consumers. The price of PVC floor is calculated by per square meter. Here is how much is one square meter for different types of PVC floor:


There are many kinds of price of PVC plastic floor, each thickness, specification is different, the price is also very different

The PVC floor of sports series is made of multi-layer structure, generally including wear-resistant layer (including UV treatment), glass fiber layer, elastic foam layer, base layer, etc. PVC sports floor is widely used, with comfortable feet, wear-resistant and antiskid. The buffer function provided by the closed foam layer technology can minimize sports injury. PVC sports floor has been designated for various sports venues. It can be seen that the market prospect of this kind of PVC sports floor is very broad. The price of PVC floor for this kind of sports series ranges from 50 yuan to 100 yuan per square meter, not including the quotation with better performance and quality.

The PVC floor of commercial leisure series has various colors, comfortable feet, antiskid and wear-resistant, sound-absorbing and noise-proof, fireproof and flame-retardant, waterproof and moisture-proof, green environmental protection and anti-bacterial, and convenient maintenance can fully meet the decoration needs of different office environments. The price of PVC floor of this commercial leisure series is also between 50 yuan and 180 yuan per square meter, of course, it has better performance and better quality;

The PVC floor of the same quality through the heart series is named Siyi. Its structure is composed of the same material from the surface to the bottom. Even if the surface wears a layer, it is still the same as the surface. The price of this kind of homogeneous PVC floor is 40 yuan to 80 yuan per square meter. The price with better performance and quality will be more than 100 yuan;

Dense bottom series of PVC floor is less foam layer, better compression performance, suitable for places with heavy pressure. The foot feeling is moderate, and the sound absorption function is relatively weak. The price of PVC floor of this dense base series is 30 yuan to 80 yuan per square meter, with better performance and better quality, the price will be more than 100 yuan;

The price of PVC floor is uneven, and there are many factors that affect the price of PVC floor. From different thickness, quality and use, the price of plastic floor per square meter is different;

Different price PVC floor performance is not the same, of course, the price of PVC sports floor per square meter is also different from the region, the price will also be different, the enmanson PVC floor manufacturer's introduction is just for reference!

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