How to choose the kitchen floor? Which floor is suitable for use in the kitchen?

  Can I have a wooden floor in the kitchen?

  In many people's eyes, the wood floor is very difficult to take care of. How can we lay the wood floor in the kitchen with heavy oil smoke? This is a common mistake.

  In fact, the kitchen can also be paved with wood floor. Especially for the open kitchen, if the living room is paved with wood floor, but the kitchen uses floor tiles, it will not only appear uneven, but also affect the overall sense of coordination. Therefore, due to the needs of decoration or personal preferences, the kitchen can also be paved with wood flooring, but there are some matters to be noted.

  I. floor type selection. Ordinary solid wood place is not wear-resistant, and easy to leave traces, not suitable for use in the kitchen. Aggrandizement floor is suitable to spread in kitchen, this kind of floor is composed of wear-resistant layer, decorative layer, high-density base material layer and balanced (moisture-proof) layer. Thanks to these four layers of materials, aggrandizement floor overcomes various shortcomings of solid wood floor. For example, damp proof course can absorb moisture in the air, floor won't deform because of damp or dry.

  2. Waterproof. Although the laminate floor has certain moisture-proof function, we still need to pay attention to waterproof and oil-proof in the process of cooking. In the area of dishwasher and stir fry, it's better to lay a mat to prevent water and oil from polluting the floor.

  3. The choice of the color of the floor should be coordinated with the style of the kitchen and the color of the furniture. The light color floor gives a bright feeling, while the dark color floor gives a steady impression. If the color of the cabinet is very light, the color of the wood floor can be darker; on the contrary, the color of the kitchen utensils is darker, and the color of the wood floor needs to be lighter.

  4. If you want to choose wooden floor for cooking habits, you should also pay attention to cooking methods, and try to choose less lampblack. If your family likes frying, stir frying and other cooking methods, and the dish style is also very heavy taste, pepper is a household dish. In this case, it is not suitable to select wood flooring. Conclusion: from the point of view of cleaning, it is recommended to choose floor tiles first. If you have to lay wooden floor because of the need of decoration style, you must choose the type of floor that is easy to take care of. You should also form good habits in daily life to reduce the burden of cleaning.

  Can I have a wooden floor in the kitchen

  Answer: Yes.

  You can choose a new type of floor: SPC floor, because SPC floor is composed of wear-resistant layer, mineral rock powder and polymer powder, it is not afraid of water naturally, and there is no need to worry about the problem of deformation and mildew caused by blisters on the floor at home. Waterproof, mildew proof effect is very good, so toilet, kitchen, balcony can be used.

  SPC floor will be very "astringent" after encountering water, that is to say, friction will increase, and anti-skid performance is very good. Its wear resistance is also very high, that is to say, the steel wire ball is used to rub back on the floor without any scratch, and the service life is more than 20 years.

  Is the kitchen covered with wood floor good

  Kitchen wood floor is not impossible, but it's better to strengthen the floor. Solid wood floor will stretch and there will be dirt in the gap. 1. The probability of open water in the kitchen is very low. Sometimes there is splashing when washing vegetables. It's ok if you don't drag them. Or you can put anti-skid mat (Textile) near the sink to prevent water absorption. 2. If it is an open kitchen, or the dining room and living room connected with the kitchen are also made of wood floor, they should be paved all the time. Do not leave the height difference, save the use of closing strip. First floor and then cabinet, save the closing, cleaning is also convenient.

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