How to clean and maintain PVC floor?

  PVC floor is a new type of floor material, PVC floor is divided into many kinds, for many users, later is more concerned about how to maintain PVC floor, today enmanson SPC floor manufacturers will introduce the cleaning and maintenance of vinyl floor.

  Vinyl flooring is not only fashionable and easy to install, but also easy to clean and maintain, providing you with a relaxed life and healthy and sanitary residence.

  This is because enmanson has added special surface treatment to its new generation of vinyl base plates to make them more scratch resistant or stain resistant, while requiring minimal cleaning and regular maintenance. Therefore, to make your home floor look as good as the day you laid it, do the following:


  Remove dust with a broom or vacuum cleaner. This avoids the accumulation of dust or dirt and makes maintenance of the floor easier.


  Clean with a wet mop once a week, such as warm water and neutral detergent. This helps to remove dirt and keep the floor in optimum condition. Remember, you don't need a lot of water to clean the floor, please note that light colors usually need to be cleaned more frequently.

  Cleaning stains

  Dispose of stains immediately, e.g. by hand using nylon pads and a neutral cleaner. Clean the center of the stain from the outside, then rinse and wipe with fresh water.

  -Oil, vinegar or lemon stains: remove immediately as they may cause discoloration of vinyl floor surfaces

  -You can remove ink, tomatoes, or blood stains by applying very thin alcohol directly to the stain for a few minutes without scrubbing. Rinse with water

  -You can use a little white oil on the cloth to clean the pen and marker stains, and wash with water

  Clean - rust should be cleaned with a rust preventive sponge and washed with water

  5 cleaning and maintenance skills

  -Place protective mats (such as felt) under heavy furniture, chairs and tables

  -Avoid leaving rubber soles on objects on vinyl base plates - they can get dirty.

  -Use mats at the entrance to prevent dust or dirt from entering the interior and to make cleaning easier. About 80% of the dust can stop there!

  -Clean the floor with natural, soft or neutral detergent

  -Keep hot items (such as heaters, ashes or coal) at a safe distance / height from vinyl flooring

  Do not use the following to clean vinyl flooring:

  Abrasive powder,

  Black Soap

  Acetone or solvent,

  Wax or varnish,

  Oil based products,

  Steam cleaner

  During the maintenance and repair of vinyl floor, do not touch with sharp objects to prevent the damage of protective film on the surface.

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