How to clean vinyl floor?

  Vinyl floor cleaning is an important link, how to do a good job of floor cleaning, not only make the floor more beautiful, but also more durable, so vinyl floor cleaning is a problem we have to care about.

  From initial cleaning to daily care

  Daily floor cleaning

  Sweep or vacuum regularly - do not use the beater on the vacuum cleaner as it may damage the floor.

  Occasionally, use some ceramic floor cleaner to clean the floor.

  For difficult cleaning problems, you can use some special methods, such as strong cleaning detergent.


  For low gloss vinyl flooring

  To restore luster and protect the finish of low gloss and ultra-low GLOSS Vinyl Flooring, you can use some enhancers to maintain or repair the shiny surface of the flooring.

  Floor Protection Tips

  Use floor mats on furniture to reduce indentation. The heavier the item, the wider the floor protection pad required.

  Use carpets in busy areas of your home. Choose non staining polypropylene carpet, non fading woven carpet or vinyl backing carpet. We do not recommend the use of rubber or latex backing as they can cause discoloration of the floor.

  Vinyl floor cleaning and maintenance, relatively simple and not too many complex steps, as long as in the daily attention to cleaning, you can maintain.

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