How to find high quality luxury vinyl flooring?

  Most of the luxury vinyl base plates are waterproof and scratch resistant. Some floors have also been specially treated to make them more durable and resistant to friction.

  High quality floor material has a thick wear-resistant layer. The thickness of Floor wear-resistant layer is in mm. The greater the thickness of wear-resistant layer, the better.

  Floor finish material. Better boards will have a hardened clear coating that protects the floor from scratches and stains. Look for popular words like "titanium coating" or "Diamond hardening.".

  Safety label. The floor shall be specified in the frame as floorscore certified and in accordance with carb2. If not, keep looking.

  The final tip is warranty. The residential warranty for premium floors can usually cover products you purchase for 20 years or more. The wearing layer shall be covered for at least 10 years.

  When choosing the vinyl base plate, we can compare the price of the floor with the same type, so as to find a higher quality luxury vinyl floor.

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