How to install vinyl flooring without adhesive?

Most vinyl flooring requires adhesive between the subfloor and vinyl flooring, but a new type of vinyl flooring called spc can be purchased from Enmansen with or without adhesives. This is because it is thicker and stiffer than standard vinyl flooring, which allows it to be held in place using only double tape around.

To install a spc vinyl floor without adhesive:

Remove mold: occupy all shoe molds and thresholds around the entire room.

Remove old floors: Use a scraper to remove all existing floors.

Repair the subfloor: Repair any damaged plywood subfloor. Fill all holes or cracks with the floor patch and let it dry.

Cut vinyl flooring to fit: Use a utility knife to cut vinyl flooring several inches larger than the room.

Stick double-sided tape: Stick special ½ ”double-sided tape from the walls of the walls around the room without removing the backing.

Trim vinyl flooring: Roll out vinyl flooring in the room. Align the sides along adjacent walls, and trim the floor with a utility knife to match the other side.

Stick the floor to tape: Peel off the double-sided tape backing on one of the walls, and then stick the vinyl floor to the tape. Repeat on the other three walls to level the vinyl floor.

Install molded parts: Reinstall shoe molds and thresholds around the entire room.

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