How to install your vinyl floor?

  Vinyl flooring has been popular with most people. Currently, vinyl flooring is available in a variety of ways. Depending on the situation, you can choose to install it in suspension (no need to use glue or other materials) or adhesive.

  Floating installation

  Decided to choose a floating installation? Then you need to select the floor mat first. The appearance, quality and comfort of vinyl flooring are greatly affected. Therefore, our experts recommend the exclusive floor mat of enmansen vinyl flooring.

  Have you laid the mat? Now you can start splicing, just "catch in". The floor has a sturdy seam-and-stitch system. After you hear the bang, you have already laid the floorboard without any glue or other materials. Can it be easier than this? I believe this is very simple, just look for a good angle.

  Really fast: the installation of vinyl flooring has never been so quick and easy.

  It's really simple: use the method that works best for you to avoid damaging your floor.

  Seamless connection: Say goodbye to the seams and the dirt that may penetrate between the gaps.

  It's really solid: the improved pull-down technology achieves horizontal and vertical locking, and the advantages are even more prominent.

  Floating installation: fast, easy & firm

  Step 1: Lock the floor along the long edge seam to the previously installed floor.

  Step 2: Slide the floor along the short side.

  Step 3: Press hard with your thumb until you hear ‘咔嗒’ and the floor is paved.

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