Installation of SPC stone plastic lock floor

  In recent years, SPC buckle lock, a new type of wood floor, has been widely used and warmly welcomed in the world by virtue of its advantages and characteristics of formaldehyde free environmental protection, convenient installation and moisture-proof. The market share of floor materials in some developed countries such as Europe and America and Asia has already exceeded 50%. In recent years, the market of SPC floor is becoming more and more popular. With the continuous improvement of customers' consumption concept, it is believed that SPC floor market will be broader.

  Although the installation method of SPC stone plastic lock waterproof floor is similar to that of wood floor, the mastery of key points in the whole installation process is also different from that of wood floor. According to the current market survey, after the SPC stone plastic lock waterproof floor of different famous brands is laid in some construction sites, there will be edge warping, deflection, large deformation joints, and even lock breakage.

  1. The raw material of SPC wood floor is made of polyethylene resin and calcium powder through certain mixing proportion processing, which is extruded by high-temperature process. The production process is not the same as that of wood floor, so the hot expansion and cold contraction are not the same. At present, many places are laid, which are not in accordance with the installation standards, and the main parameters of hot expansion and cold contraction are not shown by SPC floor manufacturer to calculate the income Closure size. If the room is a little large, but the embedded space is too small, especially in the case of a big temperature difference in the four seasons of the year, it is easy to have no indoor space to expand, resulting in deflection and warping.

  2. Many people who buy SPC floor have low budget, low price and no quality protection. This kind of SPC wood floor has poor reliability and high rate of hot rise and cold shrinkage. In addition, improper installation will cause more damage.

  3. When selecting matching accessories (skirting line), they are not in accordance with the standard, or they do not use the accessories provided by the manufacturer, which will also cause certain damage.

  When installing the SPC stone plastic lock floor, you must ask the wholesaler how to install it. The general SPC floor wholesaler will provide technical service support, or provide installation video, etc., so as to facilitate the user's self installation. You can also find a professional installation master, which is more reassuring.

  It is the law of nature that heat rises and cold shrinks. During construction, we must calculate the size of the house, the temperature of the four seasons of the year, to measure the size of the closing joint. Even the wood floor with poor reliability can reduce the problem rate to the minimum and reduce the redundant damage.

  Family floor choose SPC floor or PVC floor?

  SPC stone plastic lock waterproof floor is easy to pave. During the whole process of SPC stone plastic wood floor laying, it can be completely nail free, glue free and main keel free, and immediately paved on the wood floor on the ground.

  Now the wood floor is generally a lock, or flat installation. After the skirting line is removed, the wooden floor can be taken out one by one. It can be reused. If the wood floor joint is glued, it will be troublesome, and the notch is easy to be damaged during removal. Be careful.

  PVC self-adhesive wood floor is on the reverse side of the log floor. It is applied with adhesive label water, and then covered with PE release film for strong adhesive maintenance. When installing the floor, tear off the release film by hand to keep the DIY of the wood floor time-saving and labor-saving. SPC stone plastic lock waterproof floor and PVC self-adhesive wood floor can not be distinguished from each other only from the actual effect of laying. However, there are some differences in the whole process of application, which are shown in the following aspects:

  Feet feel different:

  The production process and technical standard of SPC stone plastic lock waterproof floor are relatively high, generally the thickness is 3-7mm, which is about 2mm higher than PVC self-adhesive wood floor, so SPC stone plastic floor feels more comfortable.

  The installation process is different:

  SPC stone plastic lock waterproof floor can be installed with the help of the lock in the middle of the wood floor, which is simple and convenient to lay, and the whole installation process does not need to use strong glue. The installation of PVC self-adhesive wood floor is more simple and convenient. The reverse side of PVC floor is built with polyurethane resin. If the protective film is torn off, it can be immediately adhered to the ground.

  The characteristics of indoor air treatment are different:

  The structure of SPC stone plastic lock waterproof floor is composed of base material layer, color film layer, wear-resistant layer and UV layer. The main raw materials are vinyl resin and calcium powder. After mixing the raw materials, they are pressed at high temperature to produce a stable plate layer. Can guarantee the true 0 indoor formaldehyde. The raw materials of PVC self-adhesive wood floor are not as high as that of SPC stone plastic lock waterproof floor. For some manufacturers with less strict operation, there will be a small amount of indoor formaldehyde in the strong adhesive, which will have certain environmental protection and safety risks.

  Different applications:

  SPC stone plastic lock waterproof floor is practical, suitable for most of the application sites, such as home, company office, college, storefront room, etc., with high wear resistance and long service life. The wear resistance of PVC self-adhesive wood floor is relatively poor, which is suitable for small passenger flow or some temporary sites. Such as bedrooms, rental houses, etc.

  SPC stone plastic lock waterproof floor and PVC self-adhesive wood floor are different in the whole process of application. We can carry out effective selection according to our own hobbies and laying places, only the most suitable one is the best.

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