Introduction of PVC floor manufacturer: jingtun electromechanical Co., Ltd

  The company mainly produces the following whole plant equipment:

  I. calender series:

  01, PVC soft transparent / adhesive tape / electrical tape film / calendering machinery manufacturing equipment.

  02, PVC rigid / semi-rigid / decorative film / ceiling film manufacturing equipment.

  03, PVC artificial leather, composite cloth. Rolling machinery manufacturing equipment.

  II. PVC rolling auxiliary machine series:

  01, PVC automatic metering system, high-speed mixer, internal mixer, rolling mill, filter, rear section cooling equipment, single wheel automatic coiler, double station automatic central coiler, three wheel surface coiler and other equipment.

  III. cigarette packs, wine products, laser anti-counterfeiting label series equipment:

  01, UV high precision optical film.

  02. Laser film press.

  03. Laser film laser holography film slottless mold press.

  04, micro structure UV coating and laminating machine.

  05, high gloss film press.

  06, laboratory process testing machine.

  IV. multi layer laminating machine series:

  01, multilayer light box cloth laminating machine.

  02. Multi layer light box cloth PVC film gluing machine.

  03, multi layer tent cloth; double spray coating film laminating machine

  04, high gloss decorative film laminating machine.

  05, multilayer projection film coating and laminating machine.

  V. auxiliary parts of leatherette series:

  01, artificial leather cloth opener; artificial leather foaming furnace; various compound embossing machines; multi plate printing processor; finished product winder; finished product automatic conveying line equipment. At the same time, the company also provides equipment upgrading, maintenance, production and supply of various equipment accessories.

  The company has professional technical personnel, rich production experience, with high-tech electronic control technology. Design the whole production equipment for customers. From R & D, design, procurement, manufacturing, field installation and commissioning and a series of services. All the staff of Jingting are rigorous in completing each technical index. Years of hard work. Our equipment, in terms of performance and quality, has been praised and affirmed by the industry, and has established a good reputation. It also provides equipment upgrading, maintenance, production and supply of various equipment accessories, etc

Main products: light box cloth coating and laminating machine, tarpaulin laminating machine, floor leather laminating and embossing machine
Business scope: leather processing equipment accessories
Business model: production and manufacturing
Provide customization for external processing or not: Yes
Number of employees: 5-50
Turnover: RMB 2001-50 million
Annual export volume: less than 100000 yuan
Quality control: Third Party
Member registration: year 4
Last login date: November 7, 2019