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  It is a professional flooring system supplier for PVC plastic industry. Tianyun continues to focus on the needs of customers. Tianyun plastic floor products have a wide range of weatherability, green system and healthy use throughout the production process, and provide arbitrary and quick installation services and system technical support.

  With simplicity, fashion, comfort and health as its tenet, Tianyun plastic floor is based on PVC floor industry to create a better life. To do better is the persistent management idea of Tianyun people! It is our unremitting goal.

  Billiard hall plastic floor, school plastic floor, kindergarten plastic floor, hospital plastic floor, shopping mall plastic floor, medical plastic floor, supermarket plastic floor, hotel plastic floor, hotel plastic floor, office plastic floor, office plastic floor, clothing factory plastic floor, factory plastic floor, factory plastic floor, home plastic floor, electric Kang plastic floor Board, create comfortable, healthy, fashionable and colorful indoor space, win the high reputation of our customers. Hotel glue, office glue, office glue, children's early education glue, kindergarten glue, clothing factory glue, factory glue, factory glue, home decoration glue, electric Kang glue, barber shop glue, coffee shop glue, so you can start to rush to the plastic dream! **Culture comes from the accumulation of history, the efforts of reality, and the pursuit of the future.

  The quality awareness and strict management system rooted in the heart have won the long-term trust of consumers for Tianyun, and will implement the clear brand strategy of Tianyun Dijiao for a long time. In the next few years, this will be reflected in a large-scale market offensive. Tianyun's strict attitude towards product quality and the spirit of continuous improvement, as well as exquisite manufacturing technology, have been integrated into the blood of the enterprise from the beginning, running through the whole business chain of product development, design, production, sales and after-sales service.

  The company has established a sound quality assurance system and quality evaluation system, from production planning, determination of process equipment to equipment maintenance, from raw materials into the warehouse to finished products leaving the factory, each of which is under careful monitoring.

  Tianyun PVC plastic floor and Tianyun PVC sports floor are widely used in various sports venues and public places, such as Yanji City plastic floor, Tumen City plastic floor, Dunhua City plastic floor, Hunchun City plastic floor, Longjing City plastic floor, Helong City plastic floor, Wangqing City plastic floor, Antu County plastic floor, activity venues, etc. Tianyun PVC plastic sports floor is used in Olympic Games and other competitions.

  The creation source of Tianyun is constantly flowing, and always actively provides customers with unique design. Wulat rear banner plastic floor, Hangjinhou banner plastic floor. Alashan Left Banner plastic floor, Alashan Right Banner plastic floor, Ejina Banner plastic floor. It can effectively reduce the leg impact of athletes, feel comfortable, better avoid sports injury, and improve the level of athletes.

  After treatment, Tianyun sports floor is more environment-friendly, wear-resistant, dirt resistant, antiskid, waterproof, moisture-proof, insect proof, flame-retardant, easy to clean, good maintenance and durability, thus increasing the service life of Tianyun sports floor. With the continuous efforts of all employees, Tianyun factory has produced 37 million square meters of plastic floor in just 10 years, which is a new dawn for the revitalization of China and the old industrial base in Northeast China

  The company integrates product production, sales, installation, after-sales and technical consulting services, adheres to the enterprise tenet of "environmental protection, high-end and fashion", and serves every customer with grade design, standard construction and reasonable quotation! Quality, taste and brand, all start from satisfaction, excellent product quality, favorable sales price, good construction technology, professional pre-sale, in sale and after-sale services Is our commitment to you!

  Tianyun pursues the future development direction, and actively develops in the market and technology. To provide customers with more professional, standardized and international engineering products and services. Our service is not only customer recognition, but also customer success. Dedicated to "God" - our users!

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