Introduction of SPC floor manufacturer: the manufacturer of beslin SPC floor

  Beslin brand is originated from the constant pursuit of environmental protection, innovation and personalized new materials; it greatly caters to the market's fast-paced, luxurious and personalized decoration needs. As a pioneer of new materials for building materials and environmental protection, we have been committed to finding market gaps, launching products from WPC wallboard, SPC floor to 3D ceiling and background decoration materials for the whole house

  Type of enterprise: limited liability company

  Main industry: SPC flooring, WPC wallboard

  Registered capital: 500000

  Registered address: Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province

  Number of employees: less than 50

  Time of establishment: 2014-2-18

  Legal representative / person in charge: Zou Liangfeng

  Main customer groups:

  Annual turnover: less than 100000 yuan / year

  Main business location: Suzhou, Jiangsu Province

  Main markets:

  Business brand:

  Bank of deposit:

  Bank account number:

  Management system certification:

  Quality Control: