Introduction of WPC floor manufacturer: manufacturer of baituomu WPC floor

Baituo WPC flooring manufacturer has gathered a group of elites from the plastic and wood industries who have been engaged in the industry for more than 15 years. After four years of R & D and hard work, it has become a positive result. It started as a high-end manufacturer and became the first plastic and wood product manufacturer in South China to master the core technology of "coextrusion".
From 2010, we began to produce high-end outdoor plastic wood "baituomu", adopting the research results of "whisker material" of National University of Defense Science and technology and "double-layer coextrusion" technology, taking the lead in raising the physical and chemical performance indexes of plastic wood materials from "decorative materials" to "engineering materials", and improving the weatherability of products to a level that conventional plastic wood products have never reached. The product has the advantages of non fading (it can still reach the level above level 4 after 1000 hours of SGS outdoor aging test), flame-retardant (grade B1), high surface hardness (82hdb), small size change of cold and hot cycle (70 ℃ ~ - 40 ℃) (< 0.1%), and the above indicators ensure the leading degree of "one ride and one dust free" in the same industry.
"Baituomu" product application scope includes "floor, grille, exterior wall, corridor, guardrail, arbor, flower box, wooden house, etc."
"Baituomu" not only provides profiles, but also provides supporting solutions, installation guidance, project design and construction.
"Baituomu" has been sold to North America, Australia, Japan, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and other major cities in China, bringing great comfort experience to customers who are troubled by conventional plastic wood products.
At present, "baituomu" has 8 co extrusion special production lines, more than 60 sets of various deep processing and testing equipment, production site of more than 10000 square meters, and annual production of "baituomu" pavement materials of 6000 tons, 500000 square meters.