Is PVC plastic floor really waterproof?

  Waterproof and moistureproof is always a big problem that can not be ignored in floor decoration. Many businesses claim that their own floor has waterproof function, such as PVC floor. Is it difficult? Is PVC plastic floor really waterproof? Let's take a look with enmanson SPC floor manufacturer!

  First, understand the composition of PVC floor

  The main processing material of PVC floor is vinyl resin, which has the function of moisture-proof and water-proof. As long as it is not immersed in water for a long time, it will not enter into water to get moldy or be damaged.

  But it's important to note that

  PVC material itself is waterproof, but the glue used for PVC floor can't be soaked for a long time, so this also needs attention.


  Whether it is plastic PVC floor or other floor, waterproof and moisture-proof are all need special attention. Even if the floor itself is waterproof, in order to prevent the floor from mildew or damage due to water inflow, it is necessary to pay attention to waterproof measures during normal use.

  The above is about whether PVC floor is waterproof or not, which is introduced by nmanson SPC floor manufacturer. More questions about floor waterproof welcome to pay attention to us!

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