Is SPC floor really fireproof?

  When purchasing SPC floor, the floor supplier often mentions that SPC floor has the characteristics of fire resistance and flame retardant, and its fire rating reaches B1 (Chinese standard). So what's the meaning of Class B1 fire performance? Let's get to know with enmanson SPC flooring manufacturer!

  First of all, let's look at the Chinese national standard gb8624-97, which divides the combustion performance of building materials into the following grades:

  Class A: incombustible building materials: materials that hardly burn.

  Class B1: flame retardant building materials: flame retardant materials have better flame retardant effect. It is difficult to start a fire in the air or under the action of high temperature, and it is not easy to spread quickly, and the combustion stops immediately when the fire source is removed.

  Class B2: Combustible building materials: combustible materials have certain fire retardant effect. In case of open fire in the air or under the action of high temperature, the fire will burn immediately, which is easy to cause the spread of fire, such as wooden columns, wooden roof frames, wooden beams, wooden stairs, etc.

  Class B3: inflammable building materials: without any fire-retardant effect, it is very easy to burn, with great fire risk.

  According to the above classification standards, we can see that the fire rating of ceramic tile floor is "a", that of wood floor is "B2", and that of carpet is "B3". The fire performance of SPC floor is inferior to tile floor, but superior to wood floor and carpet, belonging to "B1 level".

  In the process of SPC floor test, combustible objects are directly placed on the SPC floor, and the SPC floor only contacts with the fire source, but when the fire source leaves, the burning part will recover.

  This means that the SPC floor is difficult to fire in the case of open fire or high temperature. Even if there is a very high fire source to force its combustion, it will not spread, and will not produce toxic and harmful gases that cause breathing. After the fire source is removed, the combustion of SPC floor will stop immediately.

  Through a series of experiments, we can come to the conclusion of SPC floor fire protection, which confirms the advantage of SPC floor fire protection. Before, enmanson SPC floor manufacturer wrote an article about "SPC floor is waterproof". Interested friends can learn about it!

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