Is SPC floor suitable for hospital floor?

  Nowadays, there are more and more designated medical institutions, and some of them are renovated. SPC stone plastic waterproof floor is widely used in hospitals because of its antiskid, wear-resistant, healthy and green ecological characteristics. Floor materials such as floor tiles and marble wood floors are bright and clean, and it is very easy to fall and be injured when walking on them. Therefore, SPC wood floors with environmental protection, zero pollution, anti-skid and wear resistance on the ground have just been widely used in hospital aisles, treatment rooms, diagnosis rooms, etc.

  1、 Beautiful in sense and style:

  The comfortable diagnosis and treatment environment is conducive to the treatment and repair of the body. SPC stone plastic waterproof floor has a variety of color patterns, the texture is real and beautiful, making the floor color matching hierarchical. With a sense of design and floor decoration style.

  2、 The ground is antiskid and safer:

  In order to prevent falls and hidden safety hazards, the hospital is very concerned about all kinds of safety prevention problems of secondary injury when selecting wooden floor. The surface of SPC wood floor is antiskid, which will be more astringent when encountering water feet, and it is not easy to fall. SPC floor products have a certain buffering effect, even if falling, it can greatly reduce the risk.

  3、 Long wear resistance and convenient maintenance:

  1. The hospital wood floor has very high requirements for wear resistance. Due to the large passenger flow, the general wood floor is easy to be damaged and worn, especially the roller of the commonly used medicine cart in the hospital, which causes great damage to the general wood floor. SPC floor has a strong wear resistance and compression resistance, but also has the role of noise reduction and sound insulation, so it is particularly in line with the many stringent requirements of hospitals and other places.

  2. SPC wood floor has excellent wear resistance, including wear-resistant layer. The surface layer also has a transparent wear-resistant layer produced and processed by new technology. After UV and lamination, the specification of the wood floor is ensured to be constant and stable, and the wood floor is not deformed or damaged. Excellent wear-resistant quality can reduce the maintenance frequency of SPC wood floor, such as waxing and cleaning, and reduce the maintenance cost of wood floor.

  4、 Noise reduction without noise, making the natural environment more beautiful:

  Hospitals generally need a quiet environment. SPC stone plastic waterproof floor has achieved 22 acoustic shells, which greatly reduces noise annoyance and creates a more comfortable resting and quiet environment for the hospital.

  5、 Resistance to pathogens:

  Because of the relative existence of bacteria and virus infection in some special wards, hospitals need aseptic environment and should ensure clean and aseptic testing to prevent infection. SPC wood floor surface has experienced a unique antibacterial process, and has a strong corrosion resistance, which can reasonably inhibit the bacteria and bacteria on the wood floor surface, and avoid the breeding of microbial strains inside and outside the wood floor and in the gaps. SPC wood floor material uses calcium powder, so it can also avoid the breeding and reproduction of bacteria.

  6、 Antistatic:

  Static electricity may disturb the normal operation of medical equipment, cause high-precision mechanical failure or damage, and endanger the treatment process and results. In the natural environment such as the hospital, which has high requirements for the stability of equipment, the necessity of anti-static is very important. The main raw material of SPC stone plastic waterproof floor is resin, which is made by unique production and processing technology. It has the function of anti-static. It is suitable for many and key sites with equipment, and can reasonably ensure the relative safety factor of medical environment.

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