Is SPC flooring "rising star" for home decoration?

During home decoration, floor decoration is always a very important part, because the floor has a series of characteristics such as a wide coverage area and a strong decoration effect. For home decoration style, it played a crucial role.

While you may be aware of common flooring types such as marble flooring, tile flooring, and hardwood flooring, you may not know what SPC flooring is.

Actually, this kind of floor is very hot in European and American market, and start to be popular in a lot of countries.

Now eco-friendly and healthy life ideas have become popular, eco-friendly materials such as SPC flooring become the focus of many people.

Is SPC flooring
SPC Flooring

So what are advantages of SPC flooring?

1. Healthy material

SPC is the abbreviation of stone plastic composite, raw material is polyester vinyl resin, also known as PVC material. It has the strong performance of PVC material, and avoid the internal coating in the process so that its function is more abundant, likes non-toxic, free formaldehyde, renewable materials and so on. Even in the future, SPC floor could be recycled like plastic, so you can reduce the house decoration cost.

2. Low price

Many people think the price of eco-friendly materials is high, but this is not always. Although the material of SPC floor has zero pollution, waterproof temperatures, the price is very reasonable, even cheaper than wood floor. Compared to compound floor, it is a little bit expensive, but the characteristics of pollution-free can make up for missing. No matter the price or performance, SPC floor has more advantages.

3. Good anti-skid

SPC floor is suitable for most of the rooms, no matter the bathroom or the balcony. As the bathroom floor material, it is not only 100% waterproof, but also good anti-skid. The anti-skid index of SPC floor is not lower than that of anti-skid tile, because there is nano-fiber material on the SPC floor surface. After being watered, it will be rough when the shoes, whether slippers or ordinary shoes step on it.

This peculiar function causes the friction force to rise instead of falling after it is exposed to water, so the anti-skid effect is excellent, and should be recommended if there are elderly or children in the family.

Is SPC flooring
SPC Flooring

4. Good anti-wear

The service life of the floor, often consistent with its wear-resisting performance. The enamel surface of many ceramic tile floor appears aging signs in ten or twenty years later, thereby leading to the internal contamination of ceramic tile and not easy to remove. The wood floor is prone to all kinds of hanging marks, looks like kind of holes and reduce the beauty of wood. It also reduce the using life from internal corrupt.

The SPC floor has the characteristics of wear resistance and scratch resistance, because the material itself is stone plastic composite material and the hardness is very high. Although the thickness of floor is relatively thin, but it does not affect its durability.