Is SPC waterproof floor better?

SPC floor is a good choice in house decoration, but many people are not particularly clear about SPC floor, more or follow others' introduction. Today, enmansen SPC floor manufacturer will introduce it to you, hoping to help you!

Stone plastic (polymer) composite floor, also known as hard core floor in the industry, is a much cheaper product. Unlike WPC, SPC core does not contain sawdust, so it is more stable and hard. The lack of vinyl trim makes it more resilient when heated.

However, this structure has some major disadvantages. First of all, the manufacturing process of SPC floor only allows very thin veneer layer to be pressed onto the core layer. Just like the almost outdated laminate floor, the visual effect of such a thin veneer layer is limited. Second, the density of the core makes it less acoustically pleasing after installation. Finally, the rigidity of the board makes it unable to adapt to any unevenness of the floor.

SPC flooring has been replaced by WPC flooring in the market because it contains no wood chips and is harder. However, in fact, it is much easier and cheaper to produce SPC flooring at the manufacturer's end. This is the key driving force of its production. In addition, due to patent issues, almost all of today's so-called WPC flooring actually does not contain wood chips at all. Therefore, SPC and WPC flooring should be considered as two different types or levels of waterproof flooring. We should not use price alone to distinguish the two. There are many factors to consider when explaining differences to customers. Like solid wood and engineered hardwood flooring, they are wood flooring, but differ in structure, price and application.

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