Is wood plastic floor used for interior decoration good?

  Environmental protection and recyclability of materials: the materials used for wood plastic floor have the characteristics of environmental protection and hyperthyroidism, so the formaldehyde content of its products is very small, generally at E0 level, meeting the requirements of environmental protection level, and also compounding the specifications of indoor home decoration. It can also be used for thrifty wood and frequent manipulation.

  Waterproof ability: wood plastic floor contains raw plastic, so it is not afraid of water at all, even in wet environment can also be used. It can be seen that the wood plastic floor has dealt with the water swelling and other problems, in order to increase the service life of the wood plastic floor.

  Fire B1: when the wood plastic floor is used for interior decoration, the problem of fire protection should be considered. Generally, in the interior home, the highest fire protection level is ceramic tile, which is non combustible and occupies the top. B0, the fire protection level of the wood plastic floor produced by our factory reaches B1, and it will not release harmful gases in case of fire.

  There are many designs and colors: there are many different specifications and designs of wood plastic flooring. There are hundreds of different designs and colors on the market. Moreover, our factory has dozens of common designs and colors available in stock. We can also customize different specifications and colors of wood plastic flooring to decorate different home environments for you.

  Lock stitching, convenient installation: many home floors are troublesome to be decorated, and it takes a lot of time and energy to build, and the same is true when renovating, but the wood plastic floor solves this big problem. The lock stitching technology is used around the wood plastic floor, whether it is a new installation at home or a renovated floor, it can be completed quickly.

  Remarkable social benefits: with the continuous construction of various projects in China, the consumption of steel, bamboo and wood for building formwork in China is huge, and the waste of resources is amazing. The raw materials of wood plastic are plastic and wood fiber, which will not waste the steel, bamboo and wood resources in China. The social benefits of replacing traditional building formwork with wood plastic building formwork are undoubtedly huge.

  Experience is quite high: the wood plastic floor not only has the natural appearance of wood, but also has the experience of wood. It has better dimensional stability than wood, no wood knots, no cracks, warping, deformation and other problems. The wood plastic floor has a variety of colors, so you can create a different feeling of indoor home without painting.

  Is wood plastic floor used for interior decoration good? The above is a detailed explanation of the problem. There are many different materials for the indoor floor, and different positions play the role of decoration and protection. But when choosing, you must know what kind of floor you need to avoid waste.

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