Is WPC floor waterproof?

  Many people pay attention to whether the floor is waterproof first when they buy the floor. I believe many people will also pay attention to it. Today, enmanson WPC floor manufacturer will introduce to you whether the WPC floor is waterproof.

  Before we understand the waterproof problem of WPC floor, we should first understand the composition of WPC floor and what is WPC floor, so that we can see the key points in essence. WPC wood plastic floor is made of wood fiber and polymer nano materials by hot pressing.

  WPC (wood plastic floor) is a new type of environmental protection wood plastic composite product. It is produced in the process of production and high-density fiberboard. It is made of wood plastic composite material by adding recycled plastic and pelletizing equipment, and then extruded into wood plastic floor.

  Wood plastic composite board is a kind of high-tech green environmental protection material, which is mainly composed of wood (lignocellulose, plant cellulose) as the basic material, thermoplastic polymer material (plastic) and processing aid, etc. after being mixed evenly and then heated and extruded by the mold equipment. It has the properties and characteristics of wood and plastic. The real floor black technology can replace the new environmental protection high-tech of wood and plastic Technical materials. Is a true zero formaldehyde environmental protection, waterproof, silent super elastic floor!

  WPC floor is composed of backing layer, core layer, glass fiber, decorative paper and wear layer from bottom to surface.

  Among them, WPC floor has no affinity with water because its main component is vinyl resin, so it is not afraid of water naturally and will not mildew due to high humidity.

  So we can judge that WPC floor is waterproof, and it also has some advantages for mildew prevention. But we should also pay attention to that we should not pay attention to the waterproof measures for the floor at ordinary times. The floor cannot be immersed in the water for a long time, which is also what we should pay attention to.

  The above is the enmanson WPC floor manufacturers to introduce to you whether WPC floor waterproof do the corresponding answer, hope to help you, more questions about floor waterproof welcome to pay attention to enmanson WPC floor network.

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