Is WPC the same as LVT / LVP?

  There are many differences between WPC and LVT / LVP floor products. In the eyes of many laymen, they feel the same, not too different. Today, enmansenspc lock floor manufacturer introduces the differences between them in popular language.

  LVT stands for luxury vinyl tile, LVP stands for luxury vinyl board. Sometimes you will find that LVT / LVP is also waterproof / WPC, but not always. They mean two things.

  Generally, all WPC products will be considered as luxury vinyl tiles or luxury vinyl boards, but not all luxury vinyl products are WPC. It's a bit like all golden hairs are dogs, but not all dogs are golden hairs. This is a feature of the luxury vinyl market.

  It is worth noting that the word "luxury" is a bit like "organic". There is no industry standard or definition, so you have to be alert when you see it. Usually (and always for us), luxury vinyl products include thick and durable flooring, multi-layer, realistic 3D printing, tough wear-resistant layers, and sometimes textured surfaces. If not, it may be more like junk food, with an organic label on the lid that makes you think it's healthy.

  For the specific introduction of three flooring products, enmansen flooring manufacturers will continue to introduce later. For the specific functions of the three flooring, what are the differences in the use and installation, we will continue to update.

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