Key points of daily maintenance of PVC floor?

  At present, there are more and more people using PVC floor, and the maintenance demand for PVC floor is growing. PVC floor is easier to care in appearance, so it can be easily cared in daily life, making its life longer. How should we do in the process of daily care? Today, enmanson PVC floor manufacturers to introduce a few tips for maintenance, I hope to help you!

  PVC floor to prevent damage:

  1. In order to reduce the abrasion of sediment on the floor, the functional foot mats can be laid at the entrance and cleaned in time.

  2. When handling furniture and equipment, cushion pad shall be added on the transportation route to avoid dragging directly on the floor.

  3. Place a buffer between the feet of furniture and equipment and the floor. The size of the buffer is slightly larger than the size of the base.

  4. In order to prevent scratching the ground, do not wear shoes with nails or too sharp heels to walk on the ground. If conditions permit, try to replace them with soft soled shoes.

  5. Pay attention to avoid hard or sharp tools falling on the floor and damaging the floor.

  6. The gum dirt on the floor can be wrapped in plastic bags, frozen into ice in the refrigerator, then put the ice on the gum, make it cool and hard, and then scrape it off carefully.

  7. PVC floor, try not to contact with heat source directly, for example, place high-temperature items above 60 ℃ on the floor, such as electric kettle, etc. Although the fire rating of PVC floor is B1, long-term contact with high temperature objects will still reduce the service life of the floor.

  8. It is forbidden to immerse the floor in water. Although some floors use waterproof glue to cut off the water source, being immersed in water for a long time will seriously affect the service life of PVC floor. In the cleaning process, the water shall be sucked dry by the water absorption machine in time.

  9. Avoid direct exposure to strong light and ultraviolet radiation to prevent discoloration and fading of the floor.

  Daily cleaning of PVC floor:

  1. When cleaning PVC floor, it is better to use mild neutral cleaner and warm water to wipe it. It is not allowed to use strong acid or alkali to clean the floor. Use organic solvent to deal with floor, need to be careful.

  2. The PVC floor is sprinkled with ink, oil, etc., which should be treated in time. For daily cleaning, only washing powder water and soap water should be used to remove the stains. It is strictly prohibited to use steel wire ball to polish to prevent damaging the floor surface.

  3. When cleaning with a rag with more moisture, pay attention to prevent the phenomenon of floor space sticking and connection opening caused by water immersion from the connection part or transverse part.

  4. In order to reduce the abrasion of PVC floor surface, extend the service life of the floor and keep the floor clean and beautiful, it is necessary to clean, wax and maintain the floor regularly. The maintenance period should be shortened for the places with large flow and wear.

  It can be seen that there is a reason why PVC flooring is favored by more and more people. It has a great advantage in daily cleaning and care. It doesn't need too much attention. It can be maintained by simple cleaning every day. In the process of floor maintenance, PVC floor follows the simple and convenient.

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