Luxury vinyl flooring installation!

  Any floor needs to be fully prepared before installation. The more fully prepared, the more convenient the installation process. When installing the luxury vinyl base plate, the first thing to consider is how to install the vinyl floor!

  Learn about your vinyl installation options before purchasing.

  The installation methods of luxury vinyl flooring products are different, so please check the "installation" section on the product page. Some products have self-adhesive, which you can peel, place and press. Most other products offer a locking system in which boards are connected to each other and "float" on the ground floor. If necessary, many products can also be installed with glue.

  Create an accurate budget.

  When budgeting for your project, don't forget to consider the removal and disposal of old floors, subfloor repair, other tools and materials, and even moving costs.

  Decide whether to do it yourself or hire a professional.

  If you're a high-end DIY or already know how to install a luxury vinyl tile or wood flooring, you may be confident in your own installation - especially if you're doing floor work in a small space such as a bathroom or laundry and don't need adhesives. Products with fastak, a self-adhesive product easy to peel and place, is very suitable for beginners DIY.

  Regardless of your experience level, you may encounter challenges in any floor installation. If you want to rest assured that the floor is installed correctly, we recommend that you hire professional floor installers.

  Why hire a flooring contractor?

  Hire professionals? Find the right job.

  Part of the installation can choose professional installation personnel. These floor installation professionals have been specially trained to install, so you can rest assured that your new floor not only looks good, but also can be installed correctly and guarantee the results.

  Looking for floor installation preparation

  Read the installation instructions.

  Read the floor details carefully to understand what is required and expected. Do it in advance. If you are a renovation project, the instructions will also contain a precautionary statement about certain types of existing flooring and specific preparation requirements.

  Prepare the room.

  Clean the furniture. If necessary, remove and dispose of the old floor. Gently remove any wall bases, woodwork, or trims you want to reuse.

  Prepare the ground floor.

  Make sure the floor is dry, clean and flat. If repair is required, repair before starting the installation.

  Collect other materials and tools.

  Your list may include coordinated trims and trims, linings, tile cutters or art blades as well as other tools. Review the installation instructions for details.

  If necessary, adapt the floor according to the instructions.

  The most luxurious vinyl base bricks and boards do not need to be adapted. Please read the installation instructions carefully because in some cases (for example, the floor needs to adapt to the environment in a short time), such as storing the floor in extreme temperature. This procedure gives the floor time to adjust to the environment in which the room will be installed.

  Installation period

  Installation instructions vary depending on the type of luxury vinyl floor you choose. Read each step that comes with the product.

  They outline important details and special considerations, but may not be obvious to experienced professionals, including: floor and lining requirements, preparation for trimming and starting points.

  If you or your professional installer have questions before or during the installation, please contact our customer service team.

  After installation

  After placing the new floor, remove tools and materials from the area and clean the floor with the recommended vinyl floor cleaner. If you are using self-adhesive or adhesive installation, please wet it for at least five days.

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