New pollution-free SPC lock floor

  SPC wood floor, it is a kind of waterproof floor that really dares to say zero indoor formaldehyde, and it is a wood floor that can be moved to a new home after being laid. It does not need to wait for the smell to disperse. It is a floor that can buy green plants to reduce formaldehyde. SPC floor is currently a very environmentally friendly floor, and the raw materials are recyclable, which will not cause environmental pollution. Today, I will introduce why SPC flooring is popular and what advantages it has.

  1、 Low carbon environmental protection, real zero indoor formaldehyde.

  As we all know, the laminate floor can not deal with the indoor formaldehyde problem from the beginning to the end more than ten years ago, because it is a high-density board, and it is not waterproof. The primary "criminal" of indoor air pollution is indoor formaldehyde, which has strong toxic and side effects. The release period is up to 8-15 years, which is not what we usually say can be released by ventilation. Indoor formaldehyde is especially harmful to the elderly, children, pregnant mothers and other groups with decreased immunity. It not only causes leukemia in children, but also harms the growth and development of children's intellectual and human immune system. Most marriage rooms are generally the future residence of children. Once the indoor decoration is not good, it will lead to two or three generations of people, and even deeper harm and regret. Therefore, wooden floor as the key building decoration materials in the home, which wooden floor to choose, immediately endangers the physical and mental health of relatives.

  Two. Moisture-proof.

  Lay the random site with pride. The key component of SPC floor is composed of wear-resistant layer, mineral rock layer powder and polymer material powder. It's pure natural and not afraid of water. Therefore, you don't need to worry about the wood floor in your home will be deformed and foamed once it's foamed, or it will be moldy due to the high humidity of the environment, or it will be deformed due to the change of high and low temperature. In addition, this surface layer of her has experienced a unique UV treatment process, and she is not afraid of rain and wind, so she is not only the preferred safety wood floor for the large living room and bedroom, but also very suitable for the kitchen and bathroom of the restaurant.

  3、 Antiskid floor

  There's no need to worry about falling. It is believed that the problem of anti-skid characteristics of SPC floor is deeply experienced by most of the potters who have paved the floor tiles in their homes. Once they get wet, they are very easy to get dirty, needless to say, and very easy to fall down. If there are old people and children at home, we must be very careful and attentive. There is no need to worry about the problem of SPC wood floor anti-skid. Due to the raw materials of SPC floor surface, unique processing technology and anti-skid design scheme, this wood floor will be "more astringent" after encountering water, and its sliding friction will be more and more greater. Therefore, no matter what shoes you wear, it can ensure very good anti-skid characteristics of the ground.

  4、 Wear resistance

  Wear resistance of wood floor is a point that many basin friends pay great attention to when choosing wood floor. The wear resistance of SPC floor is 8000 turns up and down. People usually have a great grasp of steel wire brush in the kitchen. SPC floor can use steel wire brush to scratch on SPC wood floor immediately. You will find that all scratches are not easy to appear on the surface of all wood floors, including the surface The texture is still very clear.

  5、 Fire safety

  This can also be an experiment. Spray ethanol on the wood floor with a watering can. All the ethanol will be extinguished after being ignited. Take a wet towel and scrub it on the wood floor. The SPC floor will be cleaner and cleaner immediately. It is not easy to appear all traces. The SPC floor material has a natural fire-retardant grade, and the fire safety grade is higher than B1. Therefore, now it is allowed to Many urban public spaces adopt SPC wood floor, that is to say, because the laminate floor and blanket are afraid of fire.

  6、 Compatible with floor heating, environmental protection, energy saving, heat insulation.

  The raw materials of SPC floor are mainly calcium powder and resin, so SPC floor has excellent heat transfer characteristics and heat resistance, so it is particularly suitable for the application in this kind of floor heating natural environment. The released heat is well proportioned, because it does not contain all indoor formaldehyde, so it is not easy to release all harmful substances. In addition, her plate has a flexible elastic layer, and the surface wear-resistant layer can maintain reasonable heat insulation.

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